The Ultimate Guide for Paint by Numbers

Ultimate Guide for Paint by Numbers

In recent times, Painting by numbers has become an important art craft. Independent of age, kids, and adults show interest in this bliss activity. Every human carve to paint, the only obstacles they face are on the types of painting kit and the guidelines.

In this article, we are going to share the complete guide and the step-by-step process.

  • Start with Comfortable Setup
  • Prepare Canvas
  • Streching and Framings
  • Start your Paint by Numbers Kit

This will add value to have a pleasant life as painting reduces stress, add bliss, and more positivity to your life. Until you start painting, you are just a speculator who points out whao!. Paint by Numbers is easy and has some ground rules to touch upon.

Paint by Numbers was one of the art activities which has been with mankind from 70 years back. In these 7 decades, this art has evolved in various dynamics, and currently, many customized PBN’s are available.

Start with Comfortable Setup

Comfortable Painting in cavases & Table Top Easel - Paint by Numbers
  • Before starting any at work, you should have a pleasant and comfortable setup. Make ample free space around you.
  • This helps in placing the acrylic paints according to numbers, can place the guide sheet in front of you
  • Get a comfortable desk to place tabletop easels. When you’re canvases are placed over a tabletop easel that has zero disturbance, can bring the best paint.
  • This can also protect you from neck and back pain.
  • Never place any water bodies near your painting areas (Canvases). 
  • Keep a glass of water and few paper towels to them in a distance so it helps in cleaning the brushes.

Prepare Canvases

Canvases and Top Table Easel
  • Once you have created a comfortable atmosphere, the next process is in installing canvas over the tabletop easel.
  • Canvases are the white space where the artists paint usually. It is made of a Strong Woven Cloth.
  • Primed Canvases are suitable for acrylic painting. It is necessary to check whether the  stretched canvases are raw or primed.
  • Artists usually use Gesso to prime the canvases. 
  • Here are the steps to follow for priming
    • Wet the canvas initially
    • Stir the Gesso in the container
    • Use only the applicable amount if gesso.
    • Add upto 20% of water. Stir well and dilute them.
    • Use Paper towel to filter the spills in the Gesso
    • Take 1″ or 2″ brush and spread Gesso over the Canvas completely.
    • Allow them to dry before you start painting. 
  • Materials Used to Prime a Canvases:
    • Stretched Canvases
    • Sponge
    • Water
    • Stirrer
    • Acrylic Gesso
    • Brushes inching 1″ or 2″
    • Plastic Container
    • Paper Towels

Stretching and Framing Canvases

Streched and Framing Canvases
  • Next to priming the canvases with Gesso. canvases available in the industry
  • Once the canvas has dried out, you have to stretch and frame them to paint perfectly.
  • Stretching Canvas for paint by numbers is a bit difficult compared to other painting procedures. As you need to line the borders with a DIY frame.
  • Stretching makes your canvas more portable. But, stretching  Paint by Numbers needs more patience and time-consuming.
  • You can use Ironing Machine to Dry and stretch. Then, make a frame with wooden sticks as DIY
  • Place the canvases over the frame and pin them. So, it will be static to start your painting.

Start your Paint by Numbers Kit

Kronictron offers much Paint by numbers kits. Also, check our list of 10 Best Paint by Numbers Kit. Now we can move to the final step, start painting our kit overs the prepared Canvas which is stretched and framed.

  • Unlock the Painting pack, which contains all the packs. Usually, we at kronictron provide the complete package of essentials like Stretched Canvas, Tabletop Easel, Painting Brushes, acrylic paints, and blueprint of art.
  • Place the stretched Canvas over the tabletop easel. If needed iron the canvas to avoid the wrinkles over.
  • Draw the outline of the paint then segment them seeing the blueprint of the kit.
  • Always you are advised to keep a container containing water and paper towels. This can help in cleansing the paints from the brush.
  • Take out the acrylic paint and mix them in the palette. 
  • Match the paints as per the number mentioned in the blueprint and paint in the desired areas.
  • Finally, you can get your favorite art. Keep adding more bliss to your life


  • This article is on the ultimate guide on Paint by Numbers. We have drafted a practical approach of 4 steps.
  • Start your setup more comfortable with the top table easel. Then make the canvas ready for painting with acrylic paints
  • If possible, please create a stretched canvas and frame them. As paint by numbers is a complicated one and it needs patience and time to frame them.
  •  Place your framed canvases into the tabletop easel, then start painting with the help of a blueprint.
  • Always have water in a container and a paper towel to clean the brushes to remove the existing paints.
  • Kronictron has more numbers of Paint by Numbers. You can check our products and keep your life boosting with the pleasure of living on mother earth.
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