How to Tie Dye Clothing – Best Tie Dye Techniques

how to tie dye clothing

Tie dye techniques is a simple yet fun craft for kids and adults. Making your own style of colorful clothing by tie & dye patterns is way more fun than buying tie dye clothing from stores. All you need is know how to tie dye at home and need to buy a tie dye kit to work with.

What is Tie Dye Techniques

Making your own piece of cloth or dyeing your own clothing in some blank and some coloring effect with the use of tying up the fabric is known as tie and dye art. The tie dye techniques is a dye resistant process that is used to make clothing or pieces of fabric. 

This technique is a form of art these days for fun, while in some countries like India it is still used as the main technique for making designers wear clothes in different forms of designs known as bandhej form or Shibori form in Indian dresses. Also, you can checkout the top 5 Tie Dye Kits

tie dye clothing

Types of Dyeing 

Acid Dyes

These are actually not harmful and are non-toxic too.These work best on protein fibers like silk, wool, cashmere and they are appropriate for nylon fibers. These are cid based which dye single color and work in tub bath dyeing or even mill dying which is done in huge masses. 

Natural Dyes

These are nontoxic and eco-friendly dyes that don’t harm the environment. They work well on cellulose fibers and protein fibers. They are also a good source of fabric dying and create good results. When mixed with eco-friendly compounds they work even better. 

All-purpose Dyes

These are dyes of mixture which work on fabric blends and color these evenly. Both yarns in the fabric are dyed up well with this type of hue. Although they still don’t work on polyester and acrylics. 

How to tie dye with Bleach

Using the opposite technique of tie and dye, you can also uncolor a fabric of clothing by using bleach instead of dye color. You can either create an ombre effect fabric with fading and bleaching the color in parts, or also tie it up and add bleach to fade out hue. 

how to dye with bleach ombre

This can be done by adults as a craft to tie dye using bleach of clothing like shirts, jeans, shorts, or even a piece of fabric. The tie dye bleach process is easier than using different dyes to create patterns. 

Types of Tie dye Techniques

There are numerous ways to create designs on fabrics with different techniques. Let’s take a look at a few. 

Shibori Design

This is a design way where it includes folds in one direction and in another plike pleats. Then also repeat it in both directions after finishing the rows and move to column folds. Use a string to tie it in place. And spray the pain. There are many types of shibori tie dye shirts, or tops in have seen, 

Spiral Tie & Dye

When you want to achieve the round motifs in multi colors, the pattern can be achieved by the spiral gathers. All you need is s aspray battle at hand, so you can add colors to the specific link. Hold the fabric or clothing from the centre point, and twist it until you achieve a multi layered spiral look. Later add dyed colors on sections or gor for 2 colors too. 

Fold tie and dye design

When you want to achieve a tie dye pattern in square and folds, you need to fold fabric in different ways. Use strings also to hold the folds. Or simple just fold the fabric in rectangles or triangles to create those shapes. They give out good patterns on clothing or tie dye shirts. 

Crumbling effect dyeing

Easy as the word says, crumbling, all you need is to create an abstract pattern with crumbling the cloth or shirt or hoodie. You can use 2 colors to get a real nice shaded marbling effect of coloring. Crumble and tie them all with string and spray two different colors or let one dry, and later open the crumpled ball, re crumble to add 2nd color. 

Ombre Dyeing

As for the bleach dyeing worlds, this one is similar which has a color gradient effect. Learn to tie dye hoodie in ombre style or even a stole or scarf. It has more than one color which gradients and radiates to another color. Looks like horizontal panels of mixed colors. 

Tie Dye Techniques diy clothing


We all love the basic tie dye shirt craft where it’s easy to style a new pattern of tye dye effect. Tie dye shirts which are button down or tess would look great for kids or adults. Even kids can use the tye dye kit to color their shirts for art. 

Tie dye sweatshirts

Just like shirts, you can dye your own sweatshirts. You can choose dyeing colors as per the fiber that’s in the sweatshirt. Go for folded technique or even shibori and crumbling looks fun. 


Just like sweatshirts, you can color sweatpants for a colorful quirky fashion style as a trackpants. Do make different patterns or you can also create only cuffs or use the design on side stripes of your tracks or just use it on your thigh sections. It depends on your creativity. 

Tie dye Hoodie

The style of a dyed hoodie is much in trend and they can be worn in stylish ways of different designs of the dyeing process. From making a white hoodie look colorful to adding one two colors in a hoodie with a crumbling or iced dye effect can also be done. 

You can just buy a tie dye kit to get started with this craft to master the real way you want your clothing to appear. The kronictron tie dye kit would provide you with a shirt too for your sample making that can give you an idea of how to actually do the process and how it will appear after it’s done. 

How to tye dye shirts

First of all buy a good tie dye set which would include all the basic supplies for coloring your shirt. Next have a good workspace where you can lay out a plastic to protect the surface from staining with hue. 

Step by step tie and dye

Step 1 – Tye Dye Kit & Supplies

First, start by gathering all the basic supplies for tie dye DIY. The supplies must include the basics: A pair of hand gloves, two-three dyeing colors, squeeze bottles, rubber bands, string, plastic cover for the surface, a ziplock, and the clothing piece you want to work on. 

It’s easy to buy tie dye kits that include such supplies together. Some tie dye kits on amazon online also include shirt pieces or fabric samples you can work on. Consider buying these kinds of sets which also give dyeing instructions for easy artwork. 

tie dye kit for kids and adults
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Step 2 – Damp shirt

You will need to damp the T-shirt that you are dying, it can be done by spraying water over it or sprinkle some on it. It has to stay damp before you start working on it. 

Step 3 – Make dye

Read the Tie dye instructions well and mix the colors for dyeing as it says in warm water. Fill them in the squeeze bottles for coloring. Once they are ready keep them aside.

Step 4 – Fold the Shirt

Fold your shirt in the design you want to achieve from the above mentioned types of tye dye techniques. You can use string or even rubber bands to let it stay in the folds and shapes you have created. Remember doing this tightly, otherwise the whole shirt will have a colored effect an and you want to see the tie dye pattern.

Step 5 – Start Coloring

Remember to have a plastic laid out before you place the shirt on the platform to add dye. Now add your choice of colors on it with the squeeze bottles. You can use only two colors, 5 colors or even a single color on your clothing as per your desire. Check out this easy Tutorial on how to tie dye shirt and tie dye hoodies with a tie and dye kit

Step 6 – Let it Dry

Let the dye sit in it as it is, you can leave it aside or use the zip lock bag and keep it inside for 12hours at least. Once its dried, you can use a cold bath tube to rinse it once again and then hand it outdoors for it to dry out naturally once again, It will get rid of the excess dye colors that remain in the fabric and this will make sure it doesn’t spread more color when you use it.  

To round this article up, if you want to purchase kid’s crafts you should go with nontoxic dyes and for tie dye kits for adults, you can go with ones that have sample shirts or have instructions for different types of designs and patterns that can be made on the clothing. 

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