How Effective Is Paint By Numbers For Kids – Methodological Guide

Paint by numbers for kids

Paint by numbers for kids is a common gift the parents can offer. Since kids spend more time on the blue screen, paint sets can be a perfect replacement. Also, Painting has become one of the best art activities for kids

This article will briefly explain to you the following aspects,

  1. Materials in Package.
  2. How Paint by Numbers for kids improves Creativity.
  3. Tips & Tricks.
  4. Steps to Paint.

Yes, it’s an awesome and complete guide for every parent to understand the benefits of this creative activity. A survey suggests that almost 63% of the Kids show an improvement in their activities after adapting themselves to painting and its activities.

Come let’s move forward with a detailed discussion and tips in all possible areas.


What does the Paint by numbers for Kids package contain?

  • 30×40 cm Printed Canvas.
  • Premium Brushes and Installation.
  • DIY Kits.
  • Gift for Beginners or Hobbyists.

[Ergonomic 3-piece Detail Brushes] this product includes 3-piece black detail paintbrushes. Thus is the right paintbrush even for the job,  for you to paint very well even on a small part of the painting. You can paint in a detailed manner. It has Easy-grip handle brushes that can fit comfortably on your fingers.

[Complete Paint by Numbers Kit]This set comes with 2 Paint by Numbers Canvas (Silent Mountain Lake + Hot Air Balloon Ride) with Frame, Complete Instructions, 2 sets of paint, brushes, and 1 wooden easel. Don’t struggle to look for one painting by numbers canvas as we already have the 2 best art canvases you can work on

[High-Quality Paints and Tools]– There’s no need to blend paints. Just Pour the paint onto the palette and follow the numbers. Brushes are made with high-quality nylons for different brush strokes. Easel is adjustable ergonomically and sturdy for longer use. Do more paintings at a valuable price.


Paint By Numbers For Kids Improves Their Creativity:

Paint by Numbers for Kids


Relaxing and Joyful:

Descriptions or words are not enough to express the pleasure of creating a stunning work of art. It is simply top-notch. It will be more relaxing and joyful and it can let down and set aside all your worries. It helps in reducing your stress and depressions while focusing on the painting.

Easy Drawing:

Paint by numbers for kids is a  kind of paintwork that doesn’t need any art-related skills. Paint by numbers is very simple when you follow the rules. Finally, you will be amazed by what you created.

Home Decor:

It will be more satisfying to decorate your home or work area with your beautiful and stunning creations of Art.

Create Stronger Bond with Your Loved Ones:

You can even do your painting with your special persons, friends, better half, or your siblings and let the magic of colors bond you to the core.

Perfect Gift:

It would be a perfect gift when you don’t have any idea to present to your loved ones. It can be the best option when you have confusion to buy something to present.

Best for Kids:

Paint by numbers for kids kit helps in:

  • Better concentration,
  • Generating creative ideas,
  • Boosts thinking towards innovations,
  • Avoids spending much time on mobiles and Televisions,
  • Learn to be patient and
  • Attentive to details.


Tips and Tricks of Paint by Numbers for Kids:

Before you start painting, make sure to do the following:

  1. Fulfilling the main purpose of painting
  2. professionally finishes the painting.
  3. Make sure you finish the painting without any disasters.

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind before you start your painting;

  • Find a comfortable place and well-lit room,
  • Get a comfortable desk or table,
  • Clear the space of anything that should not get wet or dirty,
  • Take a digital picture of your canvas with your phone,
  • Get a small cup of water and a few paper towels.
  • Start from the Top.
  • Start from the Background.
  • Close the paint pot lid after using it.
  • Don’t be afraid to make little errors.
  • For better flow use water frequently.
  • Take breaks, and don’t do it continuously.
  • Clean your brushes using nail polish.
  • Don’t use up all the paint before the painting is completed.
  • Use a wet piece of cloth.
  • Give a realistic look to your painting.
  • Use clear gesso.
  • Use a White pencil to hide numbers/lines.
  • Iron your canvas to get rid of wrinkles.
  • Use flow-improver.

Stretching and Framing:

Stretching paint by number kits can be a bit tougher than stretching a regular canvas. You may need to make a few more tries to set it perfectly. Stretching a canvas can be more portable after it is fitted into the frame. If you want to make your kit most comfortable and portable, we usually recommend it to have an easel.

But you cannot completely do your work with an easel. Because spending more hours painting with an easel hurts our necks; similarly, Painting on a flat surface for a long time makes us uncomfortable. So, Switching between these two can be helpful for you, for better painting.

How to Paint By Numbers?

If you want to make a beautiful masterpiece that you can proudly want to show off to your friends and family, then all you need to do is to buy a Paint by numbers kit. Expose your creative skills through ART.

The paint-by-numbers kit that you are going to work with has a lot of colors, so it’s not for the fainthearted. Once you’re done with your art creation, you’ll be so proud of what you made with your very own hands!


The first step after you have arranged everything before you start to create your masterpiece is to place your acrylic canvas out on a flat surface and then start to organize your paintings and apply base layers.


The next thing to be considered is to match the number of paint to the number on the canvas. Make sure that the number on the canvas and the paint on your hand is the same.


Use a cup of water with which you can clean your brush after finishing one color and then go for another color to the corresponding numbered sections on the painting canvas.


Start painting the tiny areas on the canvas first, and then the medium-sized blocks, and followed by the largest areas sections. For better finishing, try to paint with one color at a time.


Don’t leave gaps between the different colors. Finish the entire colors one after another. Make sure that the blocks you painted previously are dried completely before starting painting the neighboring sections on canvas.

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  • Paint by numbers for Kids makes them professional artists and it is the best learning platform.
  • It is a fantastic way to brush up on your crafty skill and it works even well for beginner artists to expand their arty attributes.
  • With these fantastic kits, you can let everything go, have fun, bond, learn and teach.
  • Find your art supplies here and get your crafty hands-on paint by numbers kit with which you can be on your way to becoming a paint master today
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