Kids Smock Painting Apron

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Kids Smock Painting Apron by Kronictron is one the finest available in the Market. This is one of the most important accessories in the paint set. It is known for the quality and brand value of advocacy customers.

The Apron is available in an attractive color and free size. The size is adjustable with three pockets which can be accessed by kids to place painting brushes, etc.

Kids Smock Painting Apron – Features:

  • Kids Apron helps to guard their apparel against the Paint’s splash.
  • 3 Storage Pockets that help in placing multiple Paintbrushes, Crayons, Sketches, and others.
  • The material used in the apron is completely waterproof. So, the absorption of colors won’t penetrate or leak into the outfits.
  • Color – Yellow with Navy Blue.
  • Size – Free Size and Flexible.
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