15 Easy DIY Wood Crafts Ideas for Adults and Kids

15 Easy DIY Wood Crafts Ideas for Adults and Kids

“There’s nothing quite like doing something with our own hands to find happiness.”

 Fantastic ideas for scrap wood projects! If you’ve ever attempted woodworking, you’ve almost certainly searched for project ideas on the internet to use up all of your leftover wood. Wood scraps are always leftover, no matter how big your job is. You know it’s not helpful to you, yet you can’t bring yourself to throw it away. There are plethoras of great, creative, unique, entertaining, and intriguing ways to put your spare wood to good use!            

In this article, we have compiled a list of 15 scrap wood crafts to help you find a service for all of those stray wood pieces, and these easy DIY wood crafts can provide you with plenty of inspiration and ideas. Please take a peek at some of these fantastic ideas and give them a try!

Materials Used for DIY Wood Crafts:

To make crafts, ornamental things, and furnishing, handicraft, and woodworking use various equipment and materials. Specific crafts, such as beading, require only a few modest hand tools, but making furnished products or cupboards, shoe-racks, etc., frequently necessitates a shop full of tools and equipment.

The bulk of tools for beginner woodworkers, on the other hand, do not have to be complicated or costly. To establish simplicity at the core of outstanding work, beginners’ woodworking tools should start with the basics. To make your woodcrafts, you’ll need the following materials or tools:

Many individuals do crafts with their children and use everyday home items as creative art resources, such as scrap fabric, newspaper, glue, and leftovers. The only limit to the materials utilized in woodcrafts is the craftsperson’s imagination.

15 Easy DIY Wood Crafts Ideas:

It’s great to undertake a woodworking project that’s a little out of the ordinary now and again. There is a lot of off-cut lumber left over once a project is completed. It feels like a waste to throw it away. Instead, use it to make some fantastic crafts and display them on your desk at work to irritate your co-workers or give them to your children or loved ones as a gift. Choose which of these DIY wood craft projects you’d like to attempt first.

DIY Cutting Board Made of Wood Slices:

DIY Cutting Board Made of Wood Slices
  • Why not construct your own DIY wood cutting board out of some old scrap wood you have sitting around?
  • Not only is the craft inexpensive and straightforward to do, but it also makes a terrific present for anybody old enough to wield a knife. 
  • Woodcraft projects may be frightening, but this one is much simpler than you would think.
  • Creating a wood cutting board is a low-cost and simple weekend project that can satisfy your DIY hunger.
  • It’s as simple as turning a wood slice into a serving board or tray and makes it suitable for personal use as well as giving as a gift.

DIY Wood Silverware Holder

DIY Wood Silverware Holder
  • You’ll need to know how to use a hammer and glue to construct this DIY Wood silverware holder.
  • Of course, it’s a simple craft that will give you a lot of pleasure.
  • Everything is precisely arranged and easy to find with this handmade Holder.
  • Making the wooden silverware holder is also a breeze! 
  • This may sometimes be completed in a single day.
  • And it’s simple to clean.
  • They’re the ideal size for keeping utensils and can be put in the dishwasher after each gathering to keep things tidy.

DIY Wood Toilet Paper Holder:

DIY Wood Toilet Paper Holder Craft
  • Toilet paper holders are undoubtedly a significant bathroom item since they are decorative and functional.
  • When the toilet paper runs out, this DIY Wood toilet paper holder makes it simple to replenish.
  • There are various toilet paper holders on the market nowadays, but if you have some time on your hands and feel creative, you can always construct your own.
  • Toilet paper will be more intriguing if you have a clever storage area.
  • A DIY toilet paper holder adds character to your bathroom and can be made out of almost anything.
  • You may also take advantage of existing elements in the bathroom.

DIY Wall Shelf:

DIY Wooden Wall Shelf
  • It is common knowledge that scrap wood should not be thrown away.
  • What are you expected to do with it, though?
  • DIY wood shelves are simple to make and give off a great modern vibe.
  • If you have scrap wood on hand, they’ll cost you nothing!
  • Without any heavy brackets or hardware, a scrap wood wall shelf may be hung as floating wall shelves, and it’s an excellent way to fill a wall while also displaying some of your smaller décor and treasures.
  • These fast shelves are ideal for displaying small plants or serving as a photo ledge which needs a few tools and some self-confidence.

DIY Wood Candle Holders:

DIY Wooden Candle Holder
  • By nature, people are drawn to the warm flames of candles.
  • If you enjoy making candles, this could be the project for you.
  • Gather some bits of wood from around the house and begin constructing the candle stands that will give tea lights and pillar candles with decent heights for a mesmerizing display.
  • You can even use wooden bowls to make charming candle holders and reuse old furniture legs to make adorable candle stands.

DIY Wood Lanterns:

DIY Wooden Latern
  • This simple DIY wood lantern would make a wonderful present for anybody in your life.
  • In retailers, wooden lanterns may be pretty costly.
  • But it will be simple to craft and does not necessitate any power tools.
  • There’s something lovely about using wooden candle lanterns to decorate.
  • They are attractive both during the day and at night when lighted.
  • Lanterns may be used in a variety of ways in the home.
  • You may decorate them with nearly anything, mainly seasonal decorations.
  • They also look fantastic in a farmhouse setting.

DIY Wood Storage Bin:

DIY Wood Storage Bin
  • Making DIY Wooden Storage Bins is a lot easier and more efficient, and these great storage bins can help you manage your home!
  • There’s something for every part in the house, from stacked containers to wall bins to boxes with dividers!
  • It’s a terrific way to use up scraps and organize the kitchen or any other room, plus it’s a great starter woodworking craft!
  • Boxes and containers are the best way to keep clutter confined. You can construct storage bins in any size to fit any size shelves or cubbies with ease.
  • However, finding one that provides your environment might be challenging at times.

DIY Wooden Phone Stand:

DIY Phone Stand
  • A DIY wooden phone stand is a clever little feature to add to your desk.
  • It’s a reasonably contemporary, fun, and quick project and, of course, a fantastic idea to make excellent stands for your phone or tablet.
  • It’s ideal for putting it when it’s not in use or charged.
  • Phone stands are a valuable addition to any workstation.
  • When you’re at work, this adorable work of art puts your phone out of reach yet visible and in its own designated space. 
  • The size of your phone stand is mainly determined by your phone and the size you choose, and you are free to use any wood.

DIY Wooden Serving Tray:

DIY Wooden Serving Tray
  • Serving trays are convenient and versatile, whether you frequently entertain or eat breakfast in bed.
  • Quickly make this DIY wooden serving tray! It’s perfect for adding a layer of comfort to your space or as a low-cost handcrafted present.
  • Serving trays may be utilized as décor throughout the house when they aren’t being used to hold miniature cakes or delicious hot drinks.
  • To make your design items stand out, consider warm wood tones. It will take you no more than a few hours to construct an effortless tray.

DIY Key Holder:

Wood Key Holder
  • Whenever you misplace your keys, you’re in something like a lot of trouble.
  • It would help if you created a tiny area in your home to store your keys.
  • When you’re not using your keys, you may use this DIY key holder to keep them safe.
  • Wooden Keyholders can also be used as simple decorations, particularly positioned near the entranceway.
  • So think beyond the box to make that place fascinating and attractive.

DIY Laptop Stand:

DIY Wood Laptop Stand
  • If your profession requires a lot of computer work, a laptop stand might help you be more productive.
  • You can create your wood laptop supports to type comfortably, organize your workplace, and preserve your computer from overheating.
  • Most laptop stands made of wood are sturdy, beautiful, and comfortable to sit on.
  • Creating a portable laptop that stands out of wood sounds fun, so here’s your opportunity to do it. This is a basic DIY project for beginners or older children.

DIY Wood Wall Clock:

DIY Wood Wall Clock Craft
  • Clocks are affordable and straightforward to create, requiring only a foundation and a clock kit purchased from a store.
  • It wasn’t a decade back that a clock was seen as a vital item in every home. They’re indeed a critical aspect of your home’s decor.
  • Pick plywood and leave it unpainted to show off the wood’s natural color.
  • After that, use a drill to attach the clock movement to the wood.
  • That is all there is to it. You may either add the number around the clock or leave it blank. It’s an entire project that even a beginner can complete!

DIY Pet bowl stand:

DIY Wooden Pet bowl stand
  • Consider giving your pet a great spot to eat with this simple and inexpensive DIY Pet bowl stand idea.
  • Although buying a pet container stand is an option, you may easily make your own!
  • This is simple DIY woodcraft with a wood circle and tapering legs.
  • Cut to the appropriate height for your pet, affix the bowls, and you’re set to go.
  • Make a charming, playful piece that will look fantastic in your house by being as creative as you want with the paint finish.

DIY Pen & pencil holder:

DIY Wooden Pen and Pencil Holder
  • The artistically wood-crafted pen and pencil holders, which are usually the first and best choice when creating an orderly look of any study table or office desk, are here to wow you!
  • To make this entertaining DIY Pencil Holder, you’ll only need a few tools and resources like Piece of Wood Scrap, Scrapbook Paper, Mod Podge Tool Set, and some other means.
  • Hopefully, this pen and pencil holder will prevent your children’s stationery products from vanishing or being scattered across the home.

DIY Step Stool:

DIY Wooden Step Stool
  • Who says a simple step stool making ought to be bland?
  • If you only need something for one of the kids in the house, this is the design for you.
  • You may design a step stool with only one step.
  • These valuable items are a must-have for any home. 
  • This simple step stool is a great way to use up waste wood.
  • Short and tall persons can use a wooden step stool to reach hard-to-reach spots like the uppermost shelf in the kitchen, the top of the refrigerator, etc.
  • Only a few pre-cut boards and a jigsaw are required to finish this simple and elegant stool.
  • If necessary, use a variety of wood sizes. You can even serve as a plant stand!


“You can always find something fresh and exciting to make if you have a love for DIY crafts.”

  • With these exciting and easy DIY wood block crafts, you can see how versatile this material is.
  • One of the best things about Wood Crafts DIY is that there are so many ways to look at it and so many diverse approaches to be resourceful and exciting.
  • The majority of the supplies may be found in a craft or hardware shop.
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