15 Easy DIY Snowman Crafts Ideas for Kids and Adults

Easy DIY Snowman Crafts Ideas

You can turn your home into a winter wonderland with the most incredible DIY snowman crafts ideas. The winter season is rapidly approaching, bringing all the pleasant sights of snowmen. This time of year, a snowman is a must-have, but instead of leaving it outside in the cold, you might want to take it a step further and use it to adorn the rest of your home. 

These cute ideas are the ideal way to welcome a sweet snowman into your house, whether you’re anticipating a snowy Christmas or a tropical holiday. You’ll discover some extraordinarily creative and unusual snowman decorations to make for your tree or to give as gifts as you scroll down.

Materials Used for DIY Snowman Crafts

Easy DIY Snowman Crafts Ideas:

Even if we don’t get any snow, adding snowman decorations is a terrific way to bring in the season’s festive spirit. Begin displaying your snowmen after Halloween and continue until the end of January! Create your own fantastic DIY snowman crafts, such as these 15 adorable ideas!

  • Handmade DIY Fabric Snowman Design
  • DIY Fish Bowl Snowman
  • Make Yarn Pom-Pom Snow People
  • Festive Lightbulb Snowman Tree Ornament
  • Easy DIY Snowman Greeting Cards
  • Cute Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments
  • Clothespin snowmen
  • DIY Snowman Terrarium
  • Adorable Snowman Craft Stick Photo Ornament
  • Painted DIY Mason jar Snowman Gift
  • Make a Pinecone Snowman Craft
  • DIY Salt Dough Snowmen
  • Hot Chocolate Bar Snowman Tower
  • Greenery Wreath Snowman Door Decor
  • Easy DIY Christmas Clay Pot Snowman Decoration

Handmade DIY Fabric Snowman Design:

Handmade DIY Fabric Snowman Design
  • If you want to make a homemade snowman to keep outside, making one out of fabric is an excellent place to start.
  • This idea will certainly keep your hands busy, making it ideal for when you want to test your creative abilities.
  • The cloth itself protects it from the weather, allowing you to make a stunning ornamental item for your porch or near your front door.
  • This can even be used as a substitute when there is no snow on the ground, and you desperately want to trim up your yard with something more in season.

DIY Fish Bowl Snowman:

DIY Fish Bowl Snowman
  • Make a fishbowl snowman to use as a festive decoration throughout the winter and Christmas season.
  • The most excellent aspect of this concept is that you can make it precisely how you want it to be.
  • For example, you can add lights to make it look even cozier.
  • You’ll also need a Large Fish Bowl, a Medium Fish Bowl, and a Small Fish Bowl.
  • They’re just as cute in the dark as they are in the light.
  • This activity is particularly suitable for children, and you can fill them with snacks to give as gifts.

Make Yarn Pom Snow People:

Make Yarn Pom-Pom Snow People
  • Indoors, bring your favorite winter activity.
  • You can make your snowman ornament companions out of yarn, beads, and cardboard that will never melt.
  • Make two pom-poms of various sizes to make your snowman: one giant pom-pom for the torso and one little pom-pom for the head.
  • You can make your pom-poms if you don’t have one.
  • Make some for yourself using your tools! Add more accents with branches, beads, or bells.
  • Make ornaments out of them by tying an extra piece of yarn around them and hanging them on the tree.

Festive Lightbulb Snowman Tree Ornament:

Festive Lightbulb Snowman Tree Ornament
  • Isn’t it true that you can never have too many decorations on your Christmas tree?
  • In only a few minutes, you can turn an outdated bulb into this adorable up-cycled light bulb snowman ornament!
  • Make some easy DIY Christmas decorations to add your personal touch to the tree, whether you already have tonnes of baubles in the basement or are beginning from scratch.
  • A bulb-type bulb is required for this project. It might be a big bulb, a little bulb, or anything in the middle.
  • Smaller bulbs, such as nightlights, might efficiently construct little snowmen.
  • Decorations will look excellent and be a lot of fun to make, ranging from simple to glittering and everything in between.

Easy DIY Snowman Greeting Cards:

Easy DIY Snowman Greeting Cards
  • The winter snowman card designs are simple to make yet so cute.
  • It will make an impression whether you give it to anybody in January to celebrate winter or in December as a Christmas card for kids to make.
  • All you’ll need is craft paper, scissors, glue, and a pen to make this fun winter craft idea.
  • Make as many different Christmas cards as you can while crafting homemade Christmas cards; it’ll be more enjoyable this way.
  • A Christmas card with a snowman is a great way to use up all of your spare paper.
  • Alternatively, you could use ribbon to make it seem even more festive!

Cute Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments:

Cute Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments
  • It’s never been easier to turn bottle caps into lovely snowmen for the Christmas tree.
  • Bottle Cap Snowmen Ornaments may be produced with simple craft items and soda bottle caps.
  • If you’ve been saving them from those annoying soda pop bottles, that is.
  • To build the snowmen, start by painting the insides of the bottle caps white and letting them dry. Make the snowman’s eyes, carrot nose, and buttons.
  • They may be dressed up for the winter and proudly displayed on your Christmas tree.

Clothespin Snowmen:

Clothespin snowmen
  • This is one of those easy Christmas crafts that everyone will love.
  • It’s because of not only fun for kids, but it’s also straightforward to make.
  • They’ll enjoy being able to make something take pleasure in a festive decoration or to share with family and friends.
  • It can also be used to display some of their other amusing artwork!
  • Allow the kids to enjoy this simple snowman activity this holiday season.
  • It’s a fantastic activity that will keep children delighted, engaged, and creative for hours.

DIY Snowman Terrarium:

DIY Snowman Terrarium
  • Since the release of the Disney film Frozen, it’s been all the rage among the kids!
  • Make frozen crafts and participate in fun activities at home to surprise them.
  • With the aid of affordable supplies like snow, light string, sprig cuttings, glass jars, succulents, and other ornamental antiques, you can construct this fun project.
  • Then, depending on your preferences, add more decorative things to the terrarium to complete your Christmas terrarium.

Adorable Snowman Craft Stick Photo Ornament:

Adorable Snowman Craft Stick Photo Ornament
  • You may make this yourself or with the kids as a fun activity.
  • Begin by having two Popsicle sticks and removing the rounded corners.
  • Glue them together horizontally behind the other two.
  • They should be painted white.
  • Glue on some mittens, boots, a scarf, ahead, and a hat made out of paper!
  • Markers can be used to draw on the face.
  • Cut out your child’s picture after measuring it.
  • Please attach it to the back using tape or adhesive.
  • Attach a thread to your ornament so it can be hung on the Christmas tree!

Painted DIY Mason jar Snowman Gift:

Painted DIY Mason jar Snowman Gift
  • Seem to be for a way to put your unwanted Mason jars to good use this holiday season?
  • This cute snowman Mason jar is perfect for the season and would look great in your bedroom or kitchen.
  • Make a snowman out of a mason jar with simple craft store ingredients.
  • One of these burlap-wrapped jars is perfect for even storing your Christmas cookie baking stuff.
  • This is a terrific novice Christmas craft that can be used for gifts or decor.
  • It’s a fun project to do with your kids before watching some of the finest Christmas movies for kids.

Make a Pinecone Snowman Craft:

Make a Pinecone Snowman Craft
  • Winter is the perfect season for handicrafts! This pinecone snowman activity for kids is so cute and simple!
  • This is a fantastic art project for a cold winter day because you don’t have to leave the warmth of your house to do it.
  • If you want to avoid walking out your front door on a particularly windy day, gather the pinecones ahead of time.
  • Sprinkle some white and bronze glitters over some pinecones.
  • Put some glitter stars on a floral foam base and surround the terrarium with cotton balls for more oomph.
  • You could even utilize this snowman project to create a whole winter scene with the right accessories!

DIY Salt Dough Snowmen:

DIY Salt Dough Snowmen
  • You’re missing out on a lot of fun if you’ve never created salt dough; this applies to both kids and adults!
  • We enjoy working with salt dough. Because all you need is flour, salt, and water, we always have the supplies on hand to create more.
  • To begin, create a batch of Salt Dough, which is simple to make.
  • Beads, small buttons, wiggly eyes, drinking straws, and even a tiny cap and scarf may be used to dress up your snowman.
  • Allow them to air dry once they’ve been adorned, and they’ll be a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Hot Chocolate Bar Snowman Tower:

Hot Chocolate Bar Snowman Tower
  • With this cute snowman hot cocoa tower, you can enjoy the chocolaty deliciousness of a warm cup of cocoa while watching the snowfall.
  • When the weather turns chilly, there’s nothing like a steaming mug of hot chocolate to keep you warm.
  • Then why not transform that warm sensation into a winter get-together with friends and family?
  • The hot chocolate bar is a fun way to get together with friends and enjoy some sweet goodies.
  • Place Snowman on your coffee bar to create a festive atmosphere.
  • Friends and family will be charmed by the sweet demeanor and will enjoy remaining warm with the ideal cup of hot chocolate!

Greenery Wreath Snowman Door Decor:

Greenery Wreath Snowman Door Decor
  • Your outdoor holiday decorations are just as important as those you hang inside when it comes to Christmas decorations.
  • An attractive Christmas house begins with its outside, including anything from glittering lights to a well-decorated wreath.
  • Christmas wreaths are a classic and easy way to up the ante on your holiday decorations.
  • This wreath will offer superb warmth to your house with a wire wreath base and lovely wooden hoops, simple yarn, greenery harvested from your yard, and a few charming dolls for a finishing touch.

Easy DIY Christmas Clay Pot Snowman Decoration:

Christmas Clay Pot Snowman Decoration
  • The Christmas tree ornaments made from clay pots are adorable! You’ll need three banks that slot into each other, much like the snowman.
  • Paint them, flip them over, and then use a hot glue gun to join them together.
  • Please make your own Christmas tree by painting them using acrylic paint.
  • They’re ideal for kids of all ages to do as a Christmas craft.
  • You can even make a reindeer face on the face of your terra cotta clay pot.
  • This fantastic Christmas decoration DIY may be completed by adding some handcrafted antlers.
  • They are simple enough for more minor children to make, and older children will enjoy doing so as well.


  • With these fantastic projects, you can enjoy the winter wonderland. So, get crafty and show off your festive cheer!
  • This is a vast collection of Christmas snowman decorating ideas that you may use for your decorations.
  • Whether you make your crafts or have been encouraged to decorate in a particular style, the addition of these frightening, grinning characters is guaranteed to brighten up your long winter months.
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