15 Easy DIY Paper Crafts for Kids and Adults

DIY Paper Crafts Ideas

When it comes to crafting, isn’t paper the first thing that springs to mind? Paper crafts are quite popular. “Paper DIY Crafts” encompasses a wide range of craft genres. At home and at school, paper is readily available. Paper is one of the most environmentally friendly sources of raw materials for making various crafts for you.

It is a kind of art that can be appreciated by anybody. Making paper crafts improves motor skills, relaxes, and relieves tension. Scroll down to learn how to transform paper into something spectacular that will enhance your self-esteem and allow you to express your creativity.

“Craft making with paper is not just only for kids, from origami to newspaper crafts, there’s something for everyone.”

15 Easy DIY Paper Crafts Ideas:

If you’re tired of seeing the same old décor pieces in other people’s homes, this article has the perfect answer for you. These crafts can be used in a variety of ways.  The best thing is that these activities will produce lovely crafts out of the rubbish you create at home.

Paper Crafts has a plethora of craft opportunities for kids. Hope you discover your next paper activity for your kids by looking through this collection of DIY Paper Crafts Ideas. Make your own wonderful paper décor crafts, like these 15 adorable ideas!

  • DIY 3D Paper Lantern
  • DIY Paper Tree Quilling
  • DIY Decorative Paper Chandelier
  • DIY Papercutting
  • DIY Paper Tea Cups
  • DIY Paper Flower Garland
  • DIY Giant Flower Paper Decor
  • DIY Geometric Bowls with Paper
  • DIY Paper Finger Puppet
  • DIY Paper Jumping Toys
  • DIY Paper Gift Wraps
  • DIY Paper Umbrella
  • DIY Picture Frame
  • DIY Paper birdhouses

Easy DIY Paper Crafts Ideas:

DIY 3D Paper Lantern:

DIY Paper Lantern
  • Paper lanterns are simple to make which need less time and effort, but have a striking aesthetic impact in any room they grace.
  • By simply adding a bulb to the mix, they may be utilized as simple, stand-alone ornamental pieces or as magnificent lighting fixtures.
  • Just like always, you have a wide range of options, with white options feeling significantly more modern than those draped in vibrant colors. Let’s see how to make paper Lanterns simple!

Materials Used

How to do it?

  • Photocopy the design and trace the patterns you like onto a sheet of paper or cardboard.
  • Carefully cut out the design with a sharp craft knife on a cutting mat, then gently fold back to show it.
  • Fold the petals or edges up after cutting them out by hand or with your Silhouette or knife to make the design a three-dimensional effect.
  • Drinking glasses may even be used for this project because the card will cover them and no one will be able to see the difference!
  • To seal the edges, use double-sided sellotape or craft glue.
  • Before pasting the paper, tape some colored vellum to allow colored light to shine through.
  • Now you may enjoy your new lanterns by lighting the LED candles.

DIY Paper Tree Quilling:

DIY Plant Tree Quilling
  • If you’re new to Quilling, the simplest way to get started is to look for inspiration.
  • It involves taking small strips of colorful paper and twisting them together, forming a coil out of them, pressing them together to form a shape.
  • These shapes are then glued together to make paper drawings, wall art, ornaments, and other objects – and it’s a great way to show off your artistic side!

Materials Used

How to do it?

  • 20 cm length by 1/4 inch broad strips should be cut. If you’re using pre-cut or pre-stretched strips of Quilling paper, you might need to trim them down a touch to get your pattern just right.
  • To make paper petals or leaves, start by placing a piece of paper in the slot of a slotted Quilling tool.
  • Make some coils based on the design you require.
  • After the coil has been made, add glue to the end of the paper strip and let it dry.
  • A small amount of glue should be applied to the rolled coil, and then another paper strip should be placed on top of it.
  • Maintain strain as you roll the second piece of paper into the coil.
  • Apply a dab of glue to the end of the second paper strip.
  • Make sure the adhesive is dry before moving on.
  • It will be quite simple for you to repeat the process with different forms of paper.
  • You may create a lovely artwork by combining numerous flowers with quilted foliage.

DIY Decorative Paper Chandelier:

DIY Decorative Paper Chandelier
  • The simplest way of creating a chandelier is using paper because it is a simple medium to work with.
  • Paper chandeliers will provide a touch of elegance.
  • There are a variety of intriguing patterns to choose from if you want to create a paper chandelier.

Materials Used

How to do it?

  • Wrap each end of the binding wire around the hoop to keep it in place; lay two lengths of binding wire over the embroidery hoop in a crossed way that looks likes “x” to keep it in place.
  • Hang a length of string through the middle of the crossing wires.
  • Using scissors cut the paper like multiple colored circles, stars, clouds, heart shapes, paper flowers, and leaves according to the design you prefer.
  • Curl the paper leaves using your curling tool for an effective look.
  • Eventually, add a few leaves to the tip, generally to hide the string’s ends. Enjoy!
  • It appears to be rather simple to put together and, because it is made of paper, should be reasonably affordable to make.

DIY Papercutting:

DIY Papercutting
  • Paper-cutting is a famous and long-standing activity whose flexibility makes it ideal for a variety of arts and crafts applications.
  • It’s one of the simplest and most affordable crafts to start. 
  • Your cutting will be influenced by the quality of the paper you choose. so start with excellent quality printing paper or a craft paper of your choosing.
  • Here’s something interesting to get your next idea off the ground!

Materials Used

How to do it?

  • After you’ve got the pattern, make sure it’s configured to print in high resolution on the paper you want to use.
  • The incorrect side of the paper is the one on which the printing is done.
  • Keep the knife in your hand like a pen and cut it down from interior edges and curves, moving gently and evenly.
  • After you’ve taken off all of the main pieces, you may go on to the in-between bits.
  • There is no one-size-fits-all strategy to dealing with a paper cut, to avoid tearing, place the paper beneath the blade.
  • You can even use a color card for the backdrop. Stick your cut down with a few dabs of adhesive on the back.
  • It’s a talent that takes time to master, so stick with it and you’ll see rapid results.

DIY Paper Tea Cups:

DIY Paper Tea Cups

Materials Used

How to do it?

  • On the back of a sheet of scrapbook paper, print the pattern and cut it out following the solid lines.
  • To make a teacup, fold along the dotted lines and attach the tabs down with a glue stick.
  • On make a two-sided handle, glue it to the same scrapbook paper and cut it out.
  • Only glue the handle of the cup, not the tab on the side. Now the paper teacup is ready.
  • It’s charming as-is for a tea party décor, and it’d be much cuter as a party favor with snacks inside!

DIY Paper Flower Garland

DIY Paper Garland
  • Paper garlands are a simple and quick way to decorate for a celebration.
  • This paper garland craft is one of a kind, and it’s linked together fascinatingly.
  • To create a big home décor statement, hang some on your walls.
  • With this one-of-a-kind DIY Papercraft, you’ll be able to stand back and enjoy compliments.

Materials Used

How to do it?

  • Gently sketch each design onto the cardstock of your choice. All of the shapes should be cut out.
  • Make a distinction between the solid-colored and Ombre floral components and then curl each petal starting with the solid-colored components.
  • Make flowers and petals out of the paper shapes you have. The printed side of all Ombre flowers faces outwards, while the printed side of all solid-colored flowers faces inwards.
  • Continue tying the flowers and leaves together with the string. To fix the flower’s place, use craft glue to add a dot of glue to the spot where the flower meets the string.
  • For a special occasion, you now have a stunning flower garland to bring new life and playfulness to your house.

DIY Giant Flower Paper Decor:

DIY Giant Flower Paper Decor
  • Everyone likes fresh flowers, but paper flowers have developed from a burgeoning trend to a full-fledged craze in recent years.
  • Instead of buying fake flowers, which can be just as expensive as the real thing, Consider making your DIY paper flowers out of tissue paper, crepe paper, etc,
  • It’s quite simple to create a paper flower wall or a giant paper flower decoration.

Materials Used

How to do it?

  • Cut out the petal forms and the rose center from the template.
  • Cut out the petals and center of each design after lightly tracing it with a pencil.
  • Trace and cut different sizes of petals.
  • Depending on the type of flower you wish to design, you can cut different forms.
  • At the bottom of each petal, cut a little incision in the center. Make an overlap with glue.
  • Curl both ends of one petal inwards and glue them into a cone with one rose center.
  • Glue the second petal to the cone by curling it outwards.
  • Now you may use them to embellish. Hang them up all around the place.

DIY Geometric Bowls with Paper:

Geometric Bowls
  • It’s easy to make these geometric origami paper bowls.
  • They are a novel method to put all of your small stuff in a paper bowl so that they are easily accessible.
  • You can craft your lovely organizers with only a little folding and gluing! Make your own beautiful geometric paper bowl by following these simple instructions.

Materials Used

How to do it?

  • Cut 12×12 squares from each of two colored sheets of your choice.
  • The outside of the bowl will be one piece, and the inside will be another color.
  • Both pieces of color paper should have the template printed on the back.
  • Cut along the hexagon’s outside edge and follow the dotted lines.
  • Fold along each marked line to begin. The internal portion should be folded toward the printed side of the paper, while the external piece should be folded away.
  • Apply glue to the whole surface of triangle #1, then move the triangle next to it over until the two triangles completely overlap.
  • Repeat with all of the numbered triangles. Leave two portions of the external component unglued so that you may insert the internal piece.
  • It just takes a few minutes to make these adaptable tiny storage bowls.

DIY Paper Finger Puppet

DIY paper Finger Puppet
  • With a paper cone body and an attached paper head, you may make simple finger puppets.
  • Depending on how much time you have or how skilled you are, you can make finger puppets.
  • Make numerous finger puppets and perform a play with them.

Materials Used

How to do it?

  • Build a list of the puppets you wish to make. Cut out the cone body, head, and tail.
  • Construct a cone with the cone body piece. Attach the head of the puppet to the top of the cone.
  • Glue the front and back of the tail cut-outs together for puppets with tails, or color both sides of one tail template. Glue both sides of the tail to the back of the cone.
  • Place the cone on a finger to use the puppet. If necessary, stuff the cone body with cotton, or other filling material to make it snug enough to accommodate your finger. Perform the play now!

DIY Paper Jumping Kids:

DIY Paper Jumping Toys
  • These lovely jumpers are easier to create than they seem.
  • Because they’re made out of a paper and toilet paper roll, which need little more than cutting and adhering.
  • It’s up to your imagination; you could even use paper cups.
  • Here are some easy guidelines to help you along the way.
  • Kids will enjoy putting their jumper together and watching their feet move around after they’re finished – and it’s fun to watch them in action!

Materials Used

How to do it?

  • You’ll need two strips of cardboard scraps that are the same width and length to build an accordion.
  • To build this jumper toy, you’ll need cardboard scraps in braided accordions.
  • Arrange the ends at right angles on top of each other and glue them together firmly.
  • Therefore you should twist the strip below diagonally.
  • Your accordion takes shape one step at a time.
  • Then start by making a roll of paper that will be the body of your jumper toy, and then add the arms and legs with the help of a stapler.
  • Finally, draw a circle around the head and decorate it with paint to make it look like a human head. Now the jumper is ready!

DIY Origami

DIY Paper Origami
  • The art of origami is the folding of paper. The majority of origami artists work with a specific lightweight paper that is cut into little squares.
  • For kids, origami is a great way to get creative. Crafting your paper also has the benefit of total customization.
  • You are free to customize it in whatever way you like! It’s a terrific way to develop fine motor skills, and it’s fun to see your design come to life!

DIY Paper Gift Wraps:

DIY Paper Gift Wraps
  • There’s no effective way to ensure a present stands out other than wrapping it on paper that has been customized in some way with your creative touch.
  • Preparing your gift wrap is an excellent option for last-minute gifts.
  • Crafting your gift wrap allows you to save money while also helping the environment by reusing items.

DIY Paper Umbrella:

DIY Umberlla Paper Crafts
  • A paper umbrella project is a perfect and amazing activity best suited for children because it needs a great deal of patience and talent.
  • All who enjoy origami will enjoy this activity for kids, as it involves a lot of folding.
  • This Easy Origami Paper Umbrella is extremely adaptable and may be used in a variety of ways.
  • However, it’s a lot of fun since this umbrella opens and shuts like a genuine umbrella.

DIY Picture Frame:

DIY Paper Picture Frames
  • Do you have some paper and some spare time? Make some paper photo frames that are quite easy to produce and need very little time and effort.
  • It might be used as a lovely decoration or perhaps a gift. 
  • Normal frames can be costly, and woodwork and steel frames can be cumbersome.
  • Paper frames, on the other hand, are a fantastic option.
  • These handcrafted DIY photo frames are the way to go whether you want to exhibit your child’s artwork or memories from a great trip.

DIY Paper birdhouses:

DIY Paper birdhouse
  • Who doesn’t enjoy a spring hobby that involves making paper birdhouses from scratch?
  • These birdhouse projects are suitable for children of all ages.
  • Whether you’re attempting to create a miniature village for your toys or birds to play in, or simply for entertainment, making a paper birdhouse is a fun DIY activity.


  • Kids are constantly eager to learn new things, and this chance should be taken advantage of.
  • You can keep children occupied with simple and enjoyable Papercraft.
  • DIY Paper crafts are simple to produce, whether they’re cut, folded, glued, or printed.
  • Just try out these simple and easy DIY paper crafts and decorate your home with colorful crafts.   
  • This is absolutely a great pleasurable activity that will set aside kids from too much screen time.
  • Make these craft ideas to encourage you to think creatively!
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