Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas for Beginners

Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

Every art or paint lovers have a craze for acrylic painting. As it is made of water-based pigment, it dries out with ease and is not influenced by humidity or light. 

Paints are loved by every age group, be it geriatrician, or a kid. Beginner or Expert, Men or Women, American or Asian or African or European

We would like to touch base upon acrylic painting ideas for beginners using canvases. Acrylic paints are widely used to paint even in rough places like rock, walls, metals., etc.

Even they are widely used in papers, glasses, and clay coloring. They are widely used among different types of paint

Most art lovers prefer acrylic paints as it has attractive texture and a glowing appearance.

This article will be a treat for all art lovers as we are intended to discuss attractive ideas where you can use acrylics.

At the same time, you should be clear on preferring acrylic paints instead of oil paints

Art Supplies Acrylic Painting

Before starting your painting work, you should have complete knowledge of the art supplies which are required. We will share all the supplies in detail with the link to buy those supplies for your next painting

Acrylic Paints

Water-Based Colors that take very little time to dry. This becomes the base supply on which the total painting is built upon. There are numerous brands available across the globe. It is necessary for us to pick one which holds high quality with more color options. Creativity is born while we have many options of color when it comes to art work

Acrylic Paint Brushes

Paintbrushes are the second important thing, that helps in making a proper structure and impression on painting. It helps when you don’t have proper color mixing techniques

There are 4 different shapes of brushes that are used like round, liner, Fan, and angled brushes.

And 3 types of size are available small, medium, and large-sized

Here are a few lists of paint brushes for acrylic paints.


It is a plastic-made plate that helps in mixing colors. It is advised to use a moisture-retaining Paint Palette, that preserves paints from drying out.

Every professional artist prefers a palette instead of painting brushes.

Basically, a palette contains small numerous pouches where you should pull out the colors.

The big spaces are meant for mixing two or colors 

Palette Knife

Basically, Palette Knives are made of stainless steel. Professionals use Palettes to mix colors directly and can use a maximum of paints.

Paint brushes hold a few amounts of paint sticking over the brush.

It is used to paint the canvases with mixed paints, also helps in scrapping the unwanted paints which make the art 


Canvas is the painting base which is used by painters for centuries. When it comes to acrylic paint, the stretched canvas will be the best option for creating larger painting arts.

Canvas is made of either cotton or linen, which are natural fibers. The Canvas texture can be both smooth and rough.

The weight of the canvas is determined by the density of the thread.

Table Top Easel

Easel is a wooden built which supports to hold painting materials like Canvases, Papers, etc.

Easels can be used as a standup over the floor or table according to your comfort to complete a pleasant paint.

It is always observed that the accuracy of the painting increases while using Table Top Easel and Stretched Canvas 

Best Acrylic Painting Ideas over Canvas

That’s great you have learned about the various art supplies that are necessary for acrylic painting. Are you an art lover? If so this section is for you to pamper new acrylic painting ideas.

Painting on Dark Background

Painting on Black Background
  • One of the prime acrylic painting ideas is “Painting on a dark background”.
  • Yes, it definitely a feasible option to throw few paints over dack background and can shape the paint as per our custom style.
  • As a beginner, you have to paint the canvas completely into black or other dark colors.
  • Then decide on the art you want to present over the dark canvas. It can be some flower, creating a sky appearance with moon and stars.
  • Any light color over dark background will induce the brightness of the total art and make them more vibrant.
  • As a beginner, start with simple creations by selecting two or three colors as mixing of them won’t be that easy for a beginner

Acrylic Painting in Jeans Pant

Acrylic Painting in Jeans Pant
  • One of the amazing acrylic painting ideas which are practiced recently in countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, etc.
  • Pick some colors of acrylic paints that match your creativity and choose a small-sized brush. It helps in filling even the small spaces of art and makes them a great design.
  • Paint over jeans is a kind of DIY painting craft that is preferred mostly by women.
  • As a beginner, you should start with these ideas.

Acrylic Paint Pouring

Acrylic Paint Pouring
  • Acrylic Paint pouring is a type of fluid painting technique.
  • The art is built by pouring acrylic paint over canvas either vertical or horizontal.
  • This painting idea helps in creating a structure of pools, puddles, and marble patterns.
  • This technique is done by poring multiple colors of acrylic paint or ink.
  • Then use the acrylic pouring medium to mix the paint in a vessel, and pour them in canvas
  • Once the paint dries, you can use the palette knife to pick acrylic paints to do few corrections to make the art blissful.
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