16 DIY Summer Crafts for Adults and Kids

DIY Summer Craft

“Crafting is a great way to welcome the warmer weather with open arms, and it’s also a great opportunity to spend quality time with the young ones in your life”

Summer brings long days perfect for playing outside activities, turning up the grill, and experimenting with new recipes for great BBQ party cuisine and summer treats. While the kids are at home for the summer, break out the craft supplies and get the whole family engaged in creating a fun DIY summer craft or seasonal project.

Rather than going to the store for festive decorations, take matters into your own hands and make any of these summer DIY crafts, all of which wonderfully encapsulate the best of the warm weather months.

Consider crafts that can instantly brighten your home, as well as string light ideas for a summer-ready lawn. Each idea is equally as lovely and economical as the next, so deciding which one to try first will be difficult. To engage the kids in the backyard, start with these ideas!

Easy DIY summer crafts ideas:

These simple summer projects for kids may be finished in about 30 minutes with supplies you probably already have on hand! Because no special tools or skills are required, these adorable summer crafts for kids can be made by ANYONE! It’s a blast for the entire family!      

Here are some great Diy Summer Craft decoration ideas that can be used as a plant pot or design element on their own.

The centerpiece in a Sea Blue Glass Mason jar Vase:

Blue Glass Mason jar Vase_
  • These simple and lovely Mason jar centerpieces will give your table a classic appeal this summer.
  • These vases, made from a sea blue glass variant of the typical Mason jar, are the ideal size for bringing your little tabletop bouquets to life.
  • To personalize each guest’s eating experience, line them along the middle of your long dining table or arrange one at each place setting.
  • These mason jars, filled with seasonal petals, bring a traditional and timeless look to your summer tabletop this season.

Paper Plate Wreath:

DIY Summer Crafts - Paper Plate Wreath
  • Painted paper plates in fun shapes, such as these adorable hearts, make a sweet and cheerful statement on any door.
  • This is a great way for kindergarten students to improve their scissor abilities.
  • This summer, add this charming paper plate Wreath activity to your to-do list.
  • Children will learn how to fold paper to make Hearts, which are an excellent starting point for making paper flowers.
  • This DIY summer wreath is simple to make, and kids will enjoy it as well. Summer house ideas and themes can be applied to other areas of your home as well.

Summer house ideas with colorful floral arrangements:

Summer house ideas with colorful floral arrangements
  • Summer decorations and colorful floral arrangements will liven up any interior area.
  • These floral decorations will never bore you.
  • Spring and summer are all about lush greens, breezy days outside, and bright flowers.
  • For summer decor, a living room with blossoming trees or a colorful bouquet in a glass or neutral-colored vase is ideal.
  • Make a brilliantly colored floral arrangement and place it on your foyer console table, beside a wall niche, or on a side table in your living room.
  • Floral runners, flower centerpieces, and floral-themed crockery will make your breakfast area or dining room look stylish and summery.
  • You can complement the theme with breezy drapes or neutral-colored curtains.

Pink Flamingo Ring Toss and Passionate DIY Game:

DIY Summer Crafts - Flamingo Ring Toss
  • Create a fun DIY summer game that kids of all ages will enjoy with all of those plastic, pink lawn ornaments!
  • Check your garage or barn for an old pot that will serve as the perfect base for this flamingo ring throw game.
  • This simple game’s beachy summer vibe is enhanced by the filled sand.
  • Use this as a fast game to keep the kids occupied.
  • This easy-to-make flamingo ring throw will quickly become one of your favorite backyard BBQ games for the summer vacations or a weeknight dinner on the grill.

Summer Tablescape in Monochromatic Madness:

Summer Tablescape in Monochromatic Madness
  • An all-white traditional centerpiece design keeps it simple and stylish.
  • The use of a monochromatic palette enables the inclusion of a wide range of products, textures, and styles in the design.
  • Various pottery pieces, ranging from mugs and pitchers to plates and planters, can be used to create a fresh and new summer Tablescape.
  • Bright and luxuriant flowers emerge as the center point on your dining table as the only non-white item in the room when used in an all-white environment.
  • This summer, you’ll appreciate the look of your favorite freshly picked outdoor flowers taking up permanent residence in your kitchen and dining area.

Sunflower Throw Pillow for fall:

Sunflower Throw Pillow for fall
  • There is no such thing as an overabundance of pillows!
  • This may be the greatest time to stock up on some of your favorite colorful pillow covers, especially since autumn is just around the horizon.
  • It’s also a perfect opportunity to channel your inner country girl during the fall season!
  • When developing these pillow covers, great attention is taken to ensure that they will last.
  • This is accomplished using a combination of sublimation and transferring inks, ensuring that your one-of-a-kind pillow cover will never fade!
  • With this gorgeous sunflower decor, you can welcome all strangers into your home.

Whimsical Repurposed Eclectic Wind Chime DIY Project:

Eclectic Wind Chime
  • Take a moment before tossing out the trash to look for objects that could be recycled into this whimsical and varied windchime!
  • This DIY wind chime project uses anything from rusty wires to wooden spoons to create a one-of-a-kind pattern as individual as the creator.
  • The base for holding all of these intriguing chime parts is an old and unused plastic ring.
  • By adding a few feathers to the pattern, you may give some soft texture to the item and raise the level of appeal on your front porch.

Vase with Neon Tubes:

Vase with Neon Tubes
  • Create a bold, trendy bud vase using neon acrylic tubes and a little piece of wood.
  • This blossom vase is made of brilliant acrylic tubing fastened to a wood base and can be left unpainted or painted a vivid color.
  • Whether it’s filled with colorful or white flowers, this looks stunning and adds a pop of neon to any area in an unexpected way.
  • Make your own typographic flower vase that reads “buds” or “grow up” on a bright eye-catching neon backdrop to add some fun to your desk.

Summer decor that is bright and eye-catching:

Summer decor that is bright and eye-catching:
  • This is not an idea for folks who want warm, pastel colors in their homes.
  • Flowers, colors, and sunshine are synonymous with summer.
  • With some bold and bright colors, transform your home into a summer-inspired space.
  • This summer, brighten up your home with a yellow backdrop, nautical summer room decor, white furniture, and lush plants.
  • To create this theme, pick a wall in your bedroom or a corridor.
  • Choose any color you want that goes nicely with the summer theme.
  •  A summer backdrop of bright yellow or vivid pink and turquoise is ideal.
  • Because you’ve chosen a dramatic backdrop, accent the look with white or neutral décor and furniture.
  • Mirrors, lamps with warm lampshades, and a few ornaments should be added.
  • Don’t overcrowd the space with matching summer décor or flowers.

Elegant Flower Vase in Glass and Paint

Elegant Flower Vase in Glass and Paint
  • Adding your personal touch to a plain glass vase creates a stunning piece ideal for a summer wedding.
  • On the inside, these vases have been painted in a gentle blush tint to give them a fresh new look.
  • The delicate pink in the blush paint tone is accentuated by holding a lovely bouquet of pink roses.
  • To give your bedroom a fresh update for summer, arrange these as the center point on the reception tables or add one to your nightstand.
  • To further enhance the beauty and appeal of these flower vase creations, match the paint color to the flowers you’re using.

Pinwheel design for summer

Pinwheel design for summer
  • Summer memories of our childhood are often associated with pinwheel paper fans.
  • To add a splash of color to your living area, make an amazing bouquet with some homemade pinwheels.
  • Paper pinwheels are simple to make.
  • A variety of colorful cardstock, scissors, and a few spherical fasteners are all you’ll need.
  • Make the pinwheel stem out of wires and you’re good to go.
  • These lovely pinwheels can be produced in a variety of sizes to fill the vase.
  • This centerpiece is ideal for summer decorating. For your pinwheels, use some uncommon summer tones or bright colors.
  • Put this vase wherever you wish and you’ll get a lot of compliments.

Set of three-tier trays for the summer pool

three-tier trays for the summer pool
  • This summer, start your pool party off properly with this adorable signage that is perfect for a tiered tray.
  • Everything is simple, yet it’s the perfect way to establish the mood for the season.
  • There are many different types of decorations to pick from.
  • There’s the excellent summertime treat signage, the awesome ice cream cart, and the nice pair of sunglasses.
  • The sandal banner looks well atop any of your tiered tray’s layers.
  • Make these for your next party to make a lasting impact on all of your guests.

Flowered Windsock with Cute and Creative Ribbon

Flowered Windsock
  • Host a pleasant girlie get-together and receive a beautiful gift by providing all of the lovely ladies with the inexpensive supplies needed to make this simple and adorable ribbon and flowers windsock.
  • This simple and quick DIY windsock will appeal to girls of all ages.
  • It will give your front porch some character and charm as you rest on those warm summer evenings.

Summer Decor with a Lemon Tiered Tray

Lemon Tiered Tray
  • Lemons are such a classic summertime treat that many people associate them with the season.  
  • Lemons are used for decor because they are so refreshing and cool, and they evoke those delightful laid-back sensations.
  • This configuration makes it simple to do so.
  • There’s a cute small rolling pin, a recipe board, and even a lemon wedge in this beautiful fresh lemonade sign.
  • There are also some signs with lemon-themed artwork in the backdrop in this collection.
  • Everything is handcrafted from wood and hand-painted.
  • They’re all available separately, so you can stock up on as many as you need for your summer-tiered tray.

Rock and Water Feature in a Backyard Planter

Rock and Water Feature in a Backyard Planter
  • Turn a couple of planters and some leftover decorative pebbles into a beautiful water feature to give some old garden staples a new lease on life.
  • Water can pour and wash over the smooth and lovely pebbles below because of the bi-level construction.
  • After your evening meal, listening to the steady flow of this water feature is a sure-fire way to calm and relax.
  • For increased comfort when enjoying the breeze, chirping birds, or a nice reading, place it beside your porch swing or next to your lounger.

Tie dying:

DIY Summer Crafts - Tie dying
  • Tie-dye is a fun pastime that everyone enjoys and it’s a perfect activity that turns the boring summer into a groovy time.
  • Did you even know that each location has its unique tie and dye style? 
  • Let’s make something that shouts summer to commemorate this global phenomenon: tie-dye projects!
  • There’s plenty to select among, and they make excellent weekend projects for kids, teenagers, and even adults!
  • It takes more time and patience and sure it’s messy, yet cent percent worth it.
  • All you need is a tub of warm water, cotton clothes (whether it’s shocks or shirt, everything works well), a cooling rack, some protective gloves, and a tie-dye kit.
  • Just get start your Tie-dye event plan!


“Summer is a time to unwind, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t get some work done as well”

  • Summer break is the best season for kids and adults to craft because they have the sparest time.
  • These unique DIY summer projects are easy to make and have a lot of fun.
  • Some of these craft ideas are simple enough for kids to do on their own (paper plate wreath, for example), while others will require some parental assistance.
  • In any case, they’re a win for everyone concerned, especially because they don’t require any screen time or sugary beverages.
  • What are your thoughts on this list?
  • Please share this post with all of your crafting friends and let us know what you think in the comments!
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