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How to Make your Own Candle with a Candle Making Kit

mkaing candles at home

Making candles at home can be fun and is also inexpensive when compared to the scented candles we buy from the stores. The candle is also made DIY by acrylic painting with the help of Candle making Kit.

The art of candle making goes back to years ago when Men made candles in a huge machine and were used instead of light then. Today we all love using candles which give us peace, ambiance, and also light when necessary. 

From ancient times to now, they are still highly appreciated by women and men for home décor or meditative reasons, they have become an every household thing for today’s generation. Let’s learn how to make them with the kind of options available for a DIY candle. There are some basic supplies that are required for candle making technique. 

How to Make Candles at Home

step by step candle making kit

Candle making is fairly inexpensive and when made at your home, you can  make more candles from the supplies which is affordable and beneficial than buying different candles from a store. When made at home, you can add your favorite fragrance, color or even some flowers and leaves or any herbs and essential aroma oils. 

Types of wax for candles

There are different types of wax that can be used for making candles at home. The traditional ones made in paraffin wax which is the basic kind, but today we like to use toxic free waxes which are safer to use like the ones mentioned below:

Soy Wax

This is made from Soybean oil, which is toxic free and has a faster melting point. Which means these are waxes that need to be mixed with other additives to keep them harder, but are easy to use for candle making at home. There are ready candle making kit soy wax based which can be shopped for an easy step by step process and are quick and easy to create. 

Beeswax for candles

This one is made from honey bees naturally where they make this on beehives. This is then taken out and mainly used from making walls of the honey making carats to protect the honey and larva. Beeswax has many uses apart from candle making with beeswax, like; used for polishing leather or wood, as a form of early plastic and waterproof agent. It is also considered edible although it has some toxicity levels but is safe to consume for humans. 

Candle Making Supplies:

Let’s take a look at the basic supplies needed to make homemade candles. 


You will need any kind of wax from soy wax, paraffin wax, candle making beeswax which can be available in ready made candle making kits for beginners. Choose your preferred wax from the above mentioned kinds, you can buy it separately as well. You can choose to buy candle making kit amazon website or any which are at a cheaper and affordable price. 

Candle Wick

This is the part which burns out in a candle, they are made of woven cotton. These are readily available which are pre-waxed so they are harder and maintain a straight line shape before they are added to the container for the process. They have a small metal disk attached on the lower side so it sticks to the bottom of the container. 


This is needed to attach the candle wick to the bottom of the surface. The wick has the small disc like, where you apply the super glue to attach it to the bottom. 


The containers need to be heat proof like metal or glass. You can also use old mason jars or cups and bowls that are of ceramic or glass. It’s upon you for choosing the type of containers from long glasses, or short small jars for your wax to be held in a form. 

Candle Scents

You can use any fragrance oils or essential oils to add fragrance to your candles and you will get some pleasant scented candles made at home in no time. You will only need a few drops so you can use either a small measurer or just the drop holder to add a few drops to your melted wax. 

Melting Pot

Use a double boiler if that is what you already have in your house, Or use a heat proof container or jar which you can add the wax to melt over the hot water steam. 

Masking Tape / Pencil

You will need a masking tape to hold the wick straight through the container in the center. Or a pencil would also work when placed in the middle of the container holding the wick wrapped around it in the center. 

Optional Supplies

Keep some dry flowers or fresh flowers and fauna if you want to add those to your homemade candle. Keep some food color or crayons which can be added to the melted wax to add a different hue.

Process of candle making at home

Now lets learn the step by step process of making candles. Gather all the basic supplies mentioned above to start with the diy process. 

Step 1: Take the wax out and add them to a glass bowl or jar, or the double boiler. Add both types of waxes if you are mixing two types. Keep it aside till you add water to another pot and place it on the heat for it to start boiling at a lower heat. 

Step 2: Once the water is boiling, place the wax container over this pot, you can let it sit or hold it over by keeping a bit of distance from the boiling pot. Use a spatula to gently stir the wax for it to be blended well to form an even liquid consistency. Do this until the wax is melted but you don’t want it to start boiling, or don’t overheat it. 

Step 3: Now prepare your container with a wick that needs to be glued to the bottom surface of it. You can use a masking tape to hold the wick in the center. All you need is to make hole in the center of the tape, pass the wick though it for it to rest in the center of the container. Or use a pencil or wooden skewer, wrap the wick around it in the center and place it over the container. 

Step 4: Now is the time to add some candle scent if you need those homemade scented ones. Add 3-4 drops of essential oil to the melting pot. Mix it well. You can also add herbs like Vanilla or dry herbs for aroma. 

Step 5: Pour the melted wax to the container and fill it up till the required level. Let it rest till the wax is completely dry, recommended at least 12hours – 24hours for it to set well. 


If you need to add color or flowers, you can do so to take melted wax, before pouring it to the main containers or jars. You can also use glue to stick real fresh flower petals inside of the glass jar for décor. And later once it’s dry add the hot wax. 

Candle making kit for Kids & Beginners

The easiest way to make them at home would be to buy a candle making kit for kids and beginners. They contain soy and beeswax and other necessity supplies. With Kronictron Candle Making Kit for Beginners you will not need a candle making machine, but only a double boiler or use the diy supply as a melting pot. 

Best Candle Making Kits to Buy Online

Kronictron Candle Making Kit in Soy & Beeswax

It’s an easy kit for making candles at home with all necessary items and ingredients. Go for the kit for beginners to this craft which would give a step by step guide to the diy process. This is a good choice to make Christmas candles at home which are easier and you can make them as per your Christmas décor theme too. 

how to make candle at home with candle making kit


Advantages of DIY Glass Candle Making Kit by Kronictron

  • The kit has dried flowers which can add to the wax.
  • It comes with a Melting Pot which is easier for you to use for the diy process.
  • It also comes with a Thermometer, which will help you measure the melted wax, as you don’t want to overheat it. 
  • Contains pre-waxed wicks for easy usage. 

Now that you know how to make them, you can always create your own any time you buy the supplies, or easier with ready candle making kits which have all the basic supplies. The art of diy candles is not only for kids but also adults can make candles for a romantic dinner night, making candles for Christmas or just for your home decor. 


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