Different Types of Paint for Art Lovers

5 Types of Paints for Art Lovers

Once there was a time when the painting was accessible only to artists. Painting and painting kits have been used since ancient ages. But, now the craze and interest have increased in recent times as many DIY crafts like Candle Making kits, Tie Dye Kits have entered the landscape.

Before understanding the types of paints, you should be assured of the painting kit you choose. Paint by Numbers should be done with acrylic paints for better appearance and appeal. In the same way, you should be an expert in choosing the paint type. Yes, we will make it easy for you to differentiate the unique purpose of every painting.

Here are the 5 Different Types of Paint are,

  1. Acrylic Paints
  2. Oil Paints
  3. Watercolor Paints
  4. Gouache Paint
  5. Ink

Let us, deep-dive into every paint category in detail, and also we will be sharing the best product to purchase with the current price checker on amazon.


Different Types of Paint:

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One of the effective and commonly used paint types by recent painters yet a cost-effective one too. It is well absorbed over major bases like Canvas, Wood, and metal. Compared to Oil and watercolor paints, acrylics dry very quickly.

The acrylic paint color pigments are made up of water-based acrylic emulsions. Since acrylic paint is based on water, it could dry fastly. Once the water in the paint evaporates it has a very low influence on humidity, temperature, light, and finally is not solvable by water again. This holds an important reason why many artists love acrylics.

It is advised to clean up the paintbrush used for acrylic instantly after the work is done. As the paint can be present permanently over the brush. For better practice, you can also use acrylic paintbrushes. You can also check the difference between Oil painting vs Acrylic painting

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It is the second commonly used paint type by artists. The paint pigments are made of Oil substances. That’s the reason, it takes time to dry out. These paints resemble to have the same texture of sunflower oils, linseed, etc.

It becomes very difficult when you work on multiple coats of paint. The advantage of this paint is you can correct it as many times as you can.

Oil paints are influenced by exposure to light. When the Oil painting is not exposed to light for a long time, it may result in losing its bright texture.

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Watercoloring has grown over years and is widely used by beginners, kids, and students. It is also known as aquarelle and they use water base as a paint pigment. Similar to acrylic paints, they dry quickly. But it is solvable by water medium and doesn’t impact light.

The quality of base materials used for watercolor should be wise as the paint shouldn’t penetrate to the other side. Every expert artist would have started their painting with watercolors. 

Watercolor painting was initially used by the people of Egypt. Later, the technique was developed and marketed by China. Watercoloring has been used since 1502 and the first artist was Albrecht Durer.

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This paint type is often used in artworks. It resembles the same as watercolor, but it holds the characteristic of acrylic paints. Gouache paints contain chalk particles, which makes them more opaque, reflective and makes paint harder.

As it is a water-based paint, it is solvable to water after the paint has been dried. Gouache paint is available in a variety of colors and is widely used in posters and comic arts.

Gouache paints can be used in the base mediums like wood, canvases, etc. As the paint is harder and reflective, it has a huge impact on light, humidity, and temperature.

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Ink is most widely used in East Asian countries but, this type is not commonly used by artists compared to the above four types of paints. In recent years, many posts over Instagram, Pinterest hold Ink painting or art.


  • There are many types of paints. It is better to understand their property and uses, so it can be used wisely.
  • Here we have discussed the top 5 types of paints in detail which are widely used globally.
  • At Kronictron, we majorly use acrylic painting-based products like paint by numbers, diamond painting kits, etc.
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