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Different Types of Acrylic Painting Color for Artwork 

Acrylic Painting

There are a variety of colors for acrylic painting that make an artwork special and different from one another. From historic artists using traditional forms like oil paints, pastels to the new technology and modern art requirements like watercolors and more. There are dozens of different painting color mediums that can be used to make portrait painting, landscapes or masterpieces of art. 

From Picasso painting made from oil paints which created history as the best painter known worldwide even today work on their special painting color mediums for creating patent artwork. 

There is always something you need to keep in mind when beginning with painting, don’t focus on cheap paint to save some bucks, this will not give a proper finish to your work and also the quality of these colors don’t blend and mix well. Which makes the overall finishing of the canvas look bad even after it has a beautiful painting on it. So now let’s take a look at the common types of paint colors. 

Types of Colors for Painting

Although some old artists used the oil paints, there are modern artists from that era like Andy Warhol who was famous for acrylic painting in pop art style. So no matter what era it may be these colors are still used by artists today and also for easy paintings for beginners to start learning the techniques. 

Oil Painting

This is an older and most used type of color used by artists. The consistency of this type of paint is in a buttery and paste form, although it takes a longer time to dry, the overall work gives a rich finish look or a glossy finish look instead of a dry look. There are some water mixable oil paints which work as an emulsifier being added to the paint for it to dry a bit faster than the normal time oil colors would take. 

Gouache Paint

These colors are in a chalkier base, which are also opaque, making them water soluble and heavy when used to make a painting. Gouache appear to be darker once they dry and also give a flat or little bit of embossed surface compared to watercolours. Artists would have to wait days sometimes to finish the work with varnish, as they dry slower creating a matte painting. 

Acrylic Colours

These are synthetic made colors that have high pigmentation and are also very light. They dry out very fast and are a good type to paint on different materials apart from canvas. You can create easy acrylic painting for home decor or for professional portraits. Acrylics are also used as fabric paint for clothing or upholstery. They can be used as a thick paste or thinner paint when mixed with a thinner. 

Know more about Acrylic Painting basics for Beginners. 

Watercolor Paint

Watercolor types of painting color are water solvent and can be rectified even when the paint is dried up on canvas. They create a dull finish once the art work is ready. They are colors for kids or students who learn to make paintings, whether you create  watercolor painting flowers or a scenery, it is a quick drying color  which is a bit transparent on paper. 

Pastel Art

These are colors which are in a crayon kind of shape but, made of pastel oil art and not wax crayons. These are also a very old form or color type used by painters to create masterpieces. To make oil pastel drawings, you need a canvas and not need brushes or a painting color palette. 


How to decide which Acrylic Painting to Buy

Deciding which color to buy would depend on the type of art required. You can also take a look at the advantages or disadvantages of a medium of color. But before deciding you need to know if you want to work on simple media or a simple palette color scheme or would like to work with multi hues together for mixing and creating designs. 


  • If you want  a bright pigment look acrylics are the best option.
  • For a rich look for oil pastel painting or oil colors.
  • To save cost you can also go for watercolors.
  • For buttery and rich texture you can use oil painting technique. 


  • Watercolors are a bit translucent and become light once water is dried out.
  • Oil paints take a very long time to dry, hence waiting before finishing the whole canvas.
  • Acrylics dry out too fast, so each stroke would count, so making sure your outline is ready is important.
  • Oil colors, acrylic paints and pastels are expensive compared to watercolors, so for kids to learn it is advised to go with a cheaper option.

The best type of media to choose would depend on the difference as well. Most widely artists and beginners would work on Oil and Acrylic, so take a look at why you should prefer Acrylic Paint instead of Oils Paint set to decide which type of color to choose. 

Oil Painting is a legendary form of hue used for making art work and painting that are in a oily consistency. While Acrylic paints are made of sythetic susbtances which have high pigmentation. Oil color dry slower while the acrylic color dry out too fast.

Basic Acrylic Painting Color Palette for beginners

When you need to choose colours for painting, you can start with taking basic primary hues which come in 3 main hues or choose over 6 different colours which would help you make more different tints and shades from it. From choosing the complementary scheme or going with analogous scheme painting with lesser colors will help you as a beginner to painting. 

Easy Painting for Beginners

As a beginner painter, you can start with acrylics as they are easy to use and are non toxic like oil colors. These are recommended for kids painting or to start painting for students. They come in student quality for a budget price which are in good pigment quality.

Buying an Acrylic painting kit with colors as well as other basic supplies is recommended rather than buying separate colors, brushes, canvas and other necessities separately vehicle learning at this skill. At find a range of Acrylic paint set beginners kit for beginners which come with paint by number and also gives you the painting color ideas in the art design that comes along for students or children. 

acrylic painting kit

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Painting Color Scheme – Chart

Choose your basic colors and create a painting color mixing chart which will help you to choose the right shades, tints of the basic hues to start creating your artwork. To learn how to make a painting color chart watch the tutorial. 

Basic Types of Color Scheme


Monochromatic Colors: The colors of one main hue like blue, red, green, yellow which can be any one main hue and you use the tints and shades of only one color is known to be a monochromatic theme.

Triadic Palette: This is when you choose 3 hues from the color wheel which are equally distant from each other. 

Complementary Colors: two hues which are exactly opposite each other in the painting color wheel. Example Red and green and you can use the tints and shades of these hues as well. 

Analogous Scheme: The colors are the ones which are 3 or more from the color wheel, that are exactly next to each other on the color wheel chart. 

There are more schemes which are sub color themes from the above mentioned palette colors. Whichever you choose to use, make sure you know how to mix hue for different colors even if you use the main 12 colors or just 3-6 primary and secondary colors.