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Complete Acrylic Painting For Beginners, Students, Artist

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Advanced guide on Complete Acrylic Painting For Beginners, Students, Artists.

Becoming an Artist does take talent, but all talent starts off with learning the right techniques and mediums of Art. Having a Hobby for painting doesn’t require Talent, anyone can start to Learn painting and convert their hobby of painting for beginners with using the right paint medium.

Easy acrylic painting for beginners is a great way to get started with painting. All you need is to understand the paint medium and use the right acrylic painting beginners kit, which we will see later on in this post. First let’s get started with the basics of acrylic painting for beginners.

What is Acrylic Paint?

Acrylic paints are fast drying paint substances that are made from synthetic fibres emulsion. They mix well with water while they are still wet but also become water resistant once the paint dries off.

Acrylic paint is used for Decor and Craft, it can be used on wooden surfaces, metal or even Fabrics for fashion & Upholstery. This is a good paint medium to work on canvas painting for beginners as it dries off fast and there are budget paints available as well as professional known as Artist Quality Paints & Student Quality Paints.

Difference Between Artist Quality Paint Vs Student Quality Paints

The major difference between the two types of acrylic paints is that the Professional Artist Quality Paints are more expensive and come in more color ranges compared to the Student Quality Paints.

The Artist Quality paint has more concentration of pigment and has a thick consistency like oily smooth feel while the Student quality acrylic paints have lower level of pigmentation and are in a more liquid consistency.

The best acrylic paint for beginners would be to start with Student quality paint and starting with less colors to learn canvas painting. Later on you can gradually grow with Artist quality paints once you have good practice over acrylic canvas painting.

Essential Acrylic Painting Supplies

Getting started with Beginners easy Acrylic Paintings, you will need to get the right supplies for painting. From choosing the different types of acrylic paint colors or a ready acrylic painting kit, we have got you an essential list to get you started with painting.

Types Of Acrylic Paints

For a beginner acrylic painting supplies of less than 10 colors of acrylics would work. Whether you choose Heavy body artist acrylic paint or student quality acrylic colors. The Heavy Body acrylics are good for deep pigment on canvas while they come in a paste like consistency.

Tubes & Jars Acrylic Painting colors, both have a similar consistency and are used for canvas painting of decor surfaces. Tubes are more thicker and come in a paste feel and look while the Jars have more quantity and are thicker compared to the tube acrylic colors.

Fluid Acrylics are the same like heavy body acrylics, but these are more in a liquid form for beginner acrylic canvas painting. They also have good pigment to flow well with water or on the palette compared to others which dry off very quickly and it gets difficult to use with a dry brush, so this type is a good choice for learning.

Interactive & Open Acrylics are a good substitute for Oil painting mediums as they have a retardant that helps slow down the drying period. If you are creating a painting that needs more color mixing and the canvas paint to stay wet for easy blending these paints are recommended as they dry out slower  than all the other acrylic paint types.

Paint Brushes for Painting

When choosing paint brushes for an acrylic painting method, use bigger brushes rather than the smaller tip brushes. This will give you more time to spread the paint over the canvas, as it is a quick-drying process, so each brush stroke needs to be there for a reason.

You can still use smaller paintbrushes but recommend to buy even the bigger ones as even the biggest Artists themselves used Big paintbrushes to create their Art.

Painting Surface

As we already know now what acrylic paint is used for, we have all options to choose a surface for painting with them. You can choose to paint on Tiles, Metal, Wooden Surfaces, or even Fabrics.

Painting on a canvas for beginners would make it easier with this little Tip here: Paint a darker base color on your canvas with a mixing medium to make a thinner consistency of paint wash for the canvas. This helps in painting dark colors, judging the right hues while painting while compared to a white canvas.

Artist Palette

As a beginner at painting, any type of palette is a must for mixing your colors to experiment with the effect and color value well, and is easy for you to learn the right way to paint.

Rag or Paper Towel

Keeping this handy helps in wiping off your paintbrushes to try them out quickly and also for any spills. You will need to be a bit more careful with acrylic paints and hence keeping something to wipe off quickly will help.

Cup or Jar of Water

Because the paints require moisture, you will need to keep brushes in the water for easy painting and color blending or mixing process. Keep the brushes flat as possible in the cup or jar so the bristles retain their form and are not damaged or folded and curled.

Soap for Cleaning up

Washing wet brushes with soapy water will help remove the paint from them. Also other used supplies for acrylic painting and washing your hands with soap for a quick cleanup.

Use Varnish

Using varnish to finish your art is necessary for keeping it in its original state. If you don’t use varnish your artwork can get ruined by UV rays, Dust, or start discoloring. Varnish types come in matte, glossy, or satin finish.

Getting the right kinds and the best ones may be a bit time consuming, it is easier to start acrylic painting with an Acrylic paint set for beginners. We will be looking up into this further.

Extra Acrylic Painting Supplies

So once you have got your basic supplies for acrylic painting, you can start painting. But here are some more which will hence the efficiency of painting skills and steps.


This is a substance in white that works as a base for wooden surfaces or canvas. You just need to paint the gesso for a better finishing surface while painting with Acrylics.


This is like a stand that supports the canvas or surface which is painted on. It is also used to display painting sometimes. This can have 3 or 4 legs and come in different heights and sizes for painters to use while creating their artwork.


This is also a basic while painting, an apron should save you from messing up your clothes while painting. You can wear any kind or ones which have pockets in the front to sometimes hold your supplies like brushes.

Palette Knife

It is a tool of metal that is used to mix colors on a palette and also used as painting equipment instead of a brush.

Scraping Tools

These can be anything which helps to scrape paint from the surface which is unwanted paint. A sponge or a Toothpick can also be used as this tool.

Masking Tape

The tape is made of thin paper which is easily tearable and has enough adhesive on one side to stay attached but doesn’t leave any marks on the surface. It’s used to mask the area that doesn’t need to be painted.

Pencil or Charcoal

This is used to make a rough drawing of the painting that you are making. It is easy for painting acrylic for beginners with an outline ready for correct brush strokes to go over them for a proper definition of the painting.

Acrylic Mediums

These are mixing agents that help thicken the paints or sometimes to lengthen its drying time as well. You can also watch some beginner acrylic painting tutorial to see how to use these supplies effectively.

How to Pick the Best Acrylic Paint for Your Artistic Practice

There are various brands of acrylic paints in the market, how to choose the best paint? Here are some characteristics & tips to help you Buy acrylic paints for beginners.


As mentioned above in the article, there are student quality and Artist quality paint. You can select any based on your requirement as acrylic basic for beginners or for an expert level painter. The Student quality tends to lose its pigment strength when mixed with medium, unlike the artist quality.


This means the resistance of the color to survive its original pigment when exposed to sunlight or lights. Acrylics have higher permanence compared to Oil paints or watercolors.


This refers to the thickness of the paint. You can use any which have a high level of pigment concentration whether they are Heavy body acrylics or fluid-based which are thinner but still have the same pigment.


Choosing good colors and better quality of those is very important. You can invest in Artist quality with 3-5 Acrylic paint colors for beginners as they are a bit expensive. You can mix them to create different tints and shades. Or choose 10 hues in Student quality which will be in a budget price and you can work with more colors.

Acrylic Paint Set for Beginners

Are you still confused about the best brand of acrylic paint for beginners? Then why not invest in an acrylic set for beginners. You don’t need to stress on the right style, size, or shape, and also the type of colors to buy for starting your work.

Kronictron kit for Acrylic Painting Beginners

Looking for the best paint kit to get all the basic requirements to start painting, then here’s a Kit that will get you all covered with paints, easel, brushes, acrylic medium, and canvas. All you need is to focus on your art without worrying about the best quality.

It is effortless to shop online acrylic paint kits that cover all your supplies at an affordable price with the best quality. The Kronictron painting kit is suitable for adults and kids.

You can get 12 acrylic paint tubes, 10 paintbrushes compatible for acrylic hues, a color wheel, 2 pieces of canvas, a palette for colors, an easel PLUS you also get a Paint by Number Colour kit. That’s enough to start learning how to paint with acrylic colors.

You can shop directly from which has some wonderful painting supplies and painting kits for more ease while shopping for beginners at the artwork.

With the help of all the details and tips given here, you must have now learned how important it is to get the right supplies for painting before you attempt at it. Buying the right kind of paints, brushes, basic needs and also some extra supplies which you will need has been listed here.

Getting an Acrylic Painting Kit which is a complete paint kit for beginners can save you all the effort of finding them all together. Have fun painting and experimenting with your Acrylic Painting hobby.