7 Best Watercolor Supplies for Everyone

Best Watercolor Supplies

Watercolor paintings have an ethereal quality aspect to them since they are soft and dreamy. Don’t worry if making a masterpiece seems impossible: it may be easier than you think. For a newbie, the vast number of watercolor tools, paints, markers, pencils, and so on can be overwhelming. There are a lot of low-quality brands of watercolors supplies available on the market today.

Watercolor can be produced at a very minimal cost, and the price reflects this for the lower-quality brands. Even the quality of your artwork reflects your investment. However, deciding which brand and type to use is a matter of personal preference.

You are an aspiring artist who loves watercolor painting, that’s why you are here to check the best watercolor supplies. If you’re one of them, then watercolor painting techniques will help in feeding your deeds and desires.

Also, you should know on the watercolor painting ideas that are sparked in art workld. These ideas would make you most vulnerable on what painting set to choose.

Best Watercolor supplies:

Maybe you’re a seasoned watercolor artist, or maybe you’re just getting started. In any case, there are a few items that are required. You may not use all of them in every painting, but if you want to stock up, here are some recommendations for what to have in your toolbox.

Hereby we add the list of the 7 best watercolor supplies that will make you one of the best artists. 

  1. Emooqi Watercolor Paint Set
  2. Chromatex 30 Watercolor Brush Pens
  3. GenCrafts Watercolor Palette with Bonus Paper Pad
  4. M. Graham Basic 5 Watercolor Set
  5. Paul Rubens Artist Watercolor Paints
  6. Keebor Basic 36-Color Watercolor Paint Set
  7. Arteza Watercolor Palette

Let us break down one by one in detail on their key highlights and features

Emooqi’s new watercolor set just arrived on Amazon, and it’s a great low-cost alternative for novices, kids, teens, and crafters who want to color rubber-stamped greeting cards on the cheap. You can paint anyplace, and the end product and presentation will undoubtedly demonstrate its worth!

This collection is suitable for both beginning and advanced painters. The metal lid has three compartments and can be used as a mixing palette for easy watercolor blending. They’re ideal for travel, painting lessons, or at-home art because they come in a small case with a built-in mixing tray.

Product Highlights:

  • The colors are vivid and rich, and the fine pigment powder makes them easily water-soluble.
  • These long-lasting watercolor paints are densely saturated while also being transparent and tintable.
  • Solid watercolor paints that are made with the purest color pigments, are non-toxic, safe, and tasteless, and are long-lasting, and won’t crack.
  • Blending is simple, and you may make an endless variety of colors!

Kit Includes:

  • Emooqi 42 Premium Colors Plus
  • 6 Metallic Colors
  • 2 hook line pens
  • 3 water tank brushes and
  • 20 watercolor papers
  • Solid pigment that is non-toxic and safe for children over the age of three
  • For present ideas, gift box packing is preferred
  • Two water brushes, one pen, and ten watercolor sheets are included in the package
  • By mixing, you may create an infinite color palette
  • If the cap isn’t replaced, the paint will dry within the tube
  • Tubes have the potential to crack or shatter

Choosing Chromatek watercolor means choosing actual brush tip Watercolor Pens of the highest quality! A highly structured learning approach is provided via our Tutorial Pad and the associated Video Tutorials. Starting with the very first step, step-by-step tutorials lead you through the entire process of learning how to paint with watercolors. There’s no reason to be afraid of watercolor any longer.

Product Highlights:

  • Vibrant and water-soluble artists’ paints that combine well together and with water
  • Watercolor genuine brush tips created from handcrafted nylon.
  • Ink pens produced by hand that last for a long period of time.
  • Coloured in using watercolors on 300gsm Dutch cold-pressed acid-free watercolor paper its part of every set!
  • A great way to keep track of your favorite colors.
  • You will be guided through the fundamentals of watercolor painting and enhance your talents quickly with this well-structured approach.

Kit Includes:

  • 27 color brush pens
  • 1 brush for blending water
  • 300gsm watercolor paper
  • Video tutorial series in 7 parts
  • It’s a concentrated ink that looks like classic watercolor
  • The brush tip is ideal for fine details
  • Ideal for impressionist paintings
  • Easily lifts off the page
  • Even without water, it blends smoothly
  • Out of the package, several brush tips are frayed
  • There isn’t a travel-friendly case included{/i2cons]

GenCrafts Watercolor supplies bring you the latest and greatest crafting tools and painting materials with the best quality. These high-quality items as well as innovative product ideas will help you achieve your creative and artistic goals. GenCrafts specialise in providing you with the most up-to-date crafting supplies and painting mediums.

Product Highlights:

  • Paintbrush-like water pens have flexible nylon paintbrush tips that enable for both large and fine strokes on watercolor paper or canvas
  • With a compact storage case, you can create art anywhere.
  • Professional as well as beginner-friendly
  • There are no leaks, hassles, or messes
  • With long-lasting pigments, this watercolour palette is ideal for color mixing & blending

Kit Includes:

  • Bonus Paper Pad (15 Sheets) and
  • 2 Refillable Water Blending Brush Pens
  • In a robust box, there are an incredible amount of colors to choose from
  • 15 sheets of watercolor paper, as well as a brush for painting with watercolors
  • In the midst of painting, a portable draw ring makes it easy to grip the palette
  • A robust box provides less space for mixing and combining colors

Watercolor supplies from M. Graham Artists are a sure bet. The vibrantly colored tubes are available in a variety of colors and may be purchased individually or in packs. Each hue is created from the ground up to highlight the pigment’s distinct characteristics.

The super-rich yet readily dilutable paints are made in tiny quantities and contain honey to keep them from drying out. You can depend on them to survive for months, if not years, which is something that excellent hobby painters will enjoy.

Product Highlights:

  • For experimenting with your own color combinations, the M. Graham Basic 5-Color Watercolor Set is a wonderful choice
  • Thick, vibrant, and easy to dilute
  • Honey-based watercolor absorbs moisture from the air, preventing it from drying out on the palette or in the tube.
  • Tubes are relatively large that stay for long

 Kit Includes:

  • 5 Color Watercolor tube (15ml)
  • Honey is used to create a buttery texture
  • Bright and vibrant color that is simple to combine is ideal for stunning colors.
  • Colors that naturally has a tendency to dry out rapidly
  • Paint that is good for the environment and a company that is good for the environment
  • In comparison to others, there is a limited color variety.
  • When stored in an artist tin, the paint in tubes hardens and must be pre-moistened before use

Paul Rubens glitter watercolor supplies is a fantastic choice because of its outstanding quality and the fact that it comes in portable and reusable packaging.

Paul Rubens is committed to supplying watercolor painters with a high concentration of finely ground pigment with good permanence ratings. Single-pigment colors are far more brilliant and strong, resulting in brighter, clearer mixtures, which is crucial in watercolor painting.

It enables an artist to produce one-of-a-kind and vivid pieces of art.

Product Highlights:

  • Paul Rubens pigments are known for their vibrant color, excellent transparency, and long-lasting sturdiness.
  • Offer a fresh glitter appearance, perfect for highlighting and shimmering
  • He’s got a built-in color pallet that makes color mixing and extraction a breeze.
  • Each watercolor may be moved or replaced separately, allowing you to arrange your colors as you like.

Kit Includes:

  • Pink Metal Case with Palette
  • 24 Unique Vivid Colors
  • Highly pigmented, ideal for both dry and wet painting
  • It dissolves easily in water and allows for flawless layering without interfering with the prior layer
  • Acid-free and safe for health
  • Transparency and diffusivity are excellent
  • Saturation is high
  • There is no brush included with the beginning kit
  • Smaller tubes can exclusively be used for miniatures

Having the Keebor watercolor paint set means you have all of spring’s hues available to you! Beautiful watercolor paints in vibrant, highly saturated hues that mix effortlessly are included in this set of 36 colors. By combining colors, you may create an infinite number of tones.

Its most important characteristic is that it is non-toxic and harmless. Keebor’s goal is for every user to be able to utilize it confidently and it’s a painter’s vision of the future. It is ideal for children and for those who appreciate art. Make sure that you don’t allow a poor brush to ruin your painting session.

In addition, Keebor’s hardwood brush is free of hair loss and has a strong construction. Allow yourself to have fun with painting.

Product Highlights:

  • Vibrant and washable colors provide you with extra ideas for your projects.
  • There are no harmful fumes or irritations on your skin because it is safe and non-toxic.
  • As a result of the robust construction of the hardwood brush, there is no hair loss.
  • It’s easy to combine colors on the lid of a plastic box

Kit Includes:

  • 36 color set
  • 1 wooden brush
  • The case’s removable cover allows it to be used not just as a pan cover, but also as a palette
  • The colors in these watercolor paints are manufactured with high-quality strong pigment, resulting in colors that are more brilliant, rich, and pure
  • It’s water-based, so it’s simple to dissolve and mix to make a limitless variety of colors
  • Some of the watercolor paints have a ‘chalky’ aspect to them
  • Once dried, it dries fast and may flake

Whatever your artistic demands, this watercolor paint pan set is a must-have for any artist. When you remove the lid, you’ll find a wonderful small palette for mixing paints. Make a pencil, pen, or brush storage or travel case using the half pans removed from the tin.

Using pan watercolors means you won’t waste a drop of paint. Simply squeeze the precise amount you want into the pans and bake as directed. Simply remove the pan from the tin, wash it, and replace it with a new one.

Product Highlights:          

  • Organize your paints with this collection of 24 empty half-pans in a portable container.
  • Secure lid on strong tin case
  • Using the lid as a simple color mixer is a great idea.
  • If you don’t need the half-pans, you may use the container as a travel case for watercolors.

Kit Includes:

  • 24 Half-Pans
  • Refilling a water brush that is suited for usage
  • The ASTM D-4236 standard was used to ensure that the product was safe for sensitive skin
  • It’s easy to transport while you’re on the go
  • Colors are easily visible in a plastic bottle, making it excellent for gifting
  • The matte finish is not adequate, as per a few people’s expectations[/i2conc]


  • Starting now makes you nervous? Do not strive for perfection. Watercolors don’t work like that.
  • Getting to know your tools and materials will take time because they’re chaotic, spontaneous, and unpredictable.
  • Set aside a little time to paint simple things and you’ll be surprised at the results. As a result, it’s a great way to practice!
  • We hope this information was useful as you begin on your journey into the amazing field of watercolor!
  • Please share your favorite watercolor materials in the comments section below.
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