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The Best Painter Palette for Mixing Paint – All You Need to Know

choose best artist palette for acrylic painting

A Painter Palette is an equipment that is used by Artists or any Painter that would want to apply paint from this dish or tray which is known to be an Artist Palette or Painters palette. Today there are many variations of this painting palette from shape, size to the material it is made out from. 

Basics of a Painter Palette

Benefits of Using an Artist Palette for Painting

When starting to paint with colors, you will require to mix them to obtain different color bases or tints and shades. That can be done by adding a drop or blob of paint from your tube or jar to the painters color palette. Either make the paint thinner or just use it directly from the tray as it is. 

What Can be Used as a Paint Palette?

If you are looking for a DIY paint palette option for beginners? Then you can use many different supplies as a surface tray or container for beginners. 

You can use Take out Containers or Plastic Cups and Bowls for each and every color or use an old tray or large dish in any material for making your own art palette for painting. It is otherwise suggested to buy an artist palette that can rest well on the painter’s hand and is more convenient to mix colors on. 

Different Types of Artist Palettes For Painting

So there are different paint palettes in as material but there are also some special ones which are for sometimes referred to as a color palette for paint medium like watercolor palette or palette for acrylic paint. Yet when choosing one each one has their own feature and better usability depending on the artist or painter. 

Glass Artist Palettes

There are variations to glass palettes for painting which come in different kinds of glass. Let’s take a look at the kind that are available. 

Real Glass: These are very much recommended for acrylic paint. It becomes easier for the colors to be mixed well and also the acrylics can be washed and cleaned off easily on real glass. Although it can be a risk to use this, as it is fragile and it can also give glass cuts when dropped and broken.

Safety Glass: Compared to the real glass material, this is a good option as it doesn’t shatter to pisces when it cracks and breaks hence causing no cuts. It is a good option as it cleans off easily any kind of paint and has a big enough space for mixing hues together.

White Plastic Artist Palette

These come in different shapes from those round tray paint palettes to a rectangular shape. They are easy to hold for a longer time, and some painters like to use this when they have to keep mixing small colors on it. Although it can become hard to get off as they dry faster on the plastic material. 

Clear Acrylic Palette

This is an acrylic paint palette which is in a clear color, it light in weight has that curved edge and a thumb hole for easy usage while painting. It is the same as a plexiglass palette. This one is also easy to use and can be used for a longer time when painting. Although washing them off may be a tedious job if they dry out quickly. 

Wooden Paint Palette

It is made of wooden and also one of the traditional forms of painting dish that is used. The Surface of Wood palette painting makes it easy to get a smooth surface and easy for combining colors and also is not so heavy to use. 

Stay Wet Palette

This a tray that keeps your paints wet for a longer time. It is deeper in style and has some blotting paper and a sponge that saves the moisture from water inside it to keep the paints wet while painting. It is an artist palette with lid and can also work as an acrylic painting palette option. 

Palette Paper Pad

These come as a temporary use as a form of painting tray when you don’t have to carry much and need to dispose of it. Using the palette paper pad can be helpful. They are made of god thick quality which are sheets that you can tear and throw every time you need a new one, yet they aren’t so helpful as they tend to increase wastage. 

Large Paint Palette

It has a large artist palette with color mixing space that’s big enough with open free space that the artist can mix colors on large surface areas. They have thin edged dividers for more colors or for mixing little colors which you don’t want to change by mixing a few more accidentally or purposely. 

Paint Palette with Thumb hole

These are a perfect choice of beginners at painting, the shape and material and style is better for painters to start off. The painting palette plastic made and has a good surface area and sections for paint to stay in so it doesn’t mix up, until you use it to combine and create another hue by mixing colors. 

Basic Acrylic Color Palette to Start Painting

When starting with acrylic painting, it is better to know the basics of the medium and type of paints they are. The acrylic colors dry off very quickly and can be used to create all kinds of art work. Know more about the A Complete Guide for Beginners to Start with Acrylic Painting

After you choose the right artist palette for acrylic paint from above mentioned types, you need to know the color palette for beginners to start painting. 

Minimal Color Palette to Start Painting 

To choose the right colors can be easy when it comes to beginners, it’s advised to start with a minimum colour combinations for understanding the different color combinations that can be produced from mixing paint of the artist color palette generator. 

  1. A yellow hue
  2. Ultramarine Blue
  3. Amber or Burnt Amber

The 3 above are easy to mix for artist palette colors to start painting with more tints and shades or more when mixed with each other they generate other different colors. You can learn more about this on our blog post on choosing the minimal acrylic colors to start with painting. 

 Paint Palette for Beginners

As beginners at painting, if you are using a specific media of paint, you can choose the paint tray which works best from the above mentioned types. The best artist palette for acrylic colors would be a plexiglass or a light weight white plastic with a thumb hole for comfort. While using oil paints, a wooden palette would work best and again a plastic palette for watercolor painting would work well. 

Instead of worrying on the separate right supplies to buy for painting beginners, you can also buy a Paint Kit to make it easy for you to gather and have all the right supplies at once. 

Best Artist Palette for Acrylic painting

If you are starting with acrylic painting for beginners, the style and material of the tray would be based on comfort and which is lightweight. Go for Glass or Safety glass for acrylic paints as they dry off. 

  • Choose a one which has a big area of mixing space for easy management of colors and it could be easy for using thinners. 
  • Go for trays which have different sections for paint which have deeper edges of the section to hold the paint. 
  • If you are going to start painting with a palette knife, then you will need a flatter surface for easy mixing and painting like a wooden or glass tray for acrylics. 
  • For students, buying expensive ones may seem a lot at once, but you can still go for a clear plastic or white plastic palette with a thumb hole. And you can get these in the acrylic paint kit as a complete set for beginners. 

Kronictron Painting Kit for Acrylic Painting

Painting kit for beginners

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Buying a palette may still be confusing for you, then here’s what you can start up with. The Kronictron Paint Kit which includes the artist palette with brush and also acrylic paint colors. This paint kit has one of the best palette for beginners to start with acrylic painting skills. 

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Now that you have all the details of the painters palette types and how to choose one for you, we are sure that you can pick the right one as per the paint media of your choice easily.