What are the Best Oil Paint Brushes?

Best Oil Paint Brushes

Isn’t it true that we all aspire to create great works of art that leave our friends speechless? The Secret to accomplishing so is not just the artist’s skill and expertise, but also the materials they employ. High-quality paintings are the product of high-grade painting supplies. There is no way around it. When it comes to oil painting, the paintbrush is the most necessary element.

If you’re into the arts, you’ll understand how difficult it is to get the appropriate brushes for your requirements. When it comes to buying stationery and art supplies, there are several aspects to consider.  And there are so many various types of painting tools available so that picking which one is ideal for your needs and tastes may be challenging.

Don’t stress, we’re here just to help you with that. Keep reading to learn more about brush types, material, size, design and shapes, and excellence, and moreover how they all played a role in developing this list of the best paintbrushes on the market.

5 Best Oil Paint Brushes available in the Market

1. Mont Marte Oil Paint Brushes Set:

  • Mont Marte’s long-handled paintbrushes set are excellent for personal use or as a gift if you’re searching for finely designed paintbrushes.
  • And it is a wonderful way to get started with professional-quality brushes which are meticulously handcrafted from the best materials to guarantee that no hairs are left behind to detract from your work.
  • The Taklon hair is strong and silky, and it is tightly sealed in an aluminum ferrule that will not readily come out.
  • The shafts are made of wood and will not bend or break even after extended usage.
  • Brushes come in 15 different sizes and types, providing a great deal of variation.
  • The bristles stay soft for a long period if properly cared for and washed.
  • Competitively priced, yet slightly higher than other brands.
  • Some people may have a problem with the bristles falling out early.
  • Because these aren’t professional-grade brushes, they’re better suited to beginners and hobbyists.

2. D’Artisan Professional Oil Paint Brushes Set:

This set of paintbrushes has a lot to discuss. This brush set is from a well-known brand that is a favorite among artists. The quality of these brushes, as well as the brand value, is exceptional, and there is little to criticize about their performance.

They’re beautifully wrapped and operate well. They’re made to last and are geared at professional artists who are dedicated to their craft. Of course, all of this greatness will come at a cost.

  • Even after extensive use, there are no symptoms of shedding or bristle damage.
  • Excellent package with a long-lasting and useful travel case.
  • These are the ideal choice for oil painting because they are made of real hog hair.
  • After a painting session, it’s really simple to clean.
  • Because they’re professional-grade, they’re a little more expensive.

3. BOSOBO Oil Paint Brushes Set:

  • Small paintbrushes featuring artist-quality synthetic nylon bristles, rust-resistant nickel ferrules, and strong hardwood handles.
  • This pro-small paintbrushes set is handcrafted and double-crimped with superb workmanship, ensuring no flaking paint from handles, loose bristles, or ferrules.
  • These brushes withstand the test of time without exhibiting any signs of wear and function well.
  • There’s a good selection of smaller sizes, and if you keep them clean, they’ll last a long time.
  • Nylon hair of high quality holds a lot of moisture and doesn’t shed quickly.
  • Cleaning them with warm soapy water and reshaping the paintbrush tips is quite convenient.
  • A shorter handle allows for more precise control of minor features.
  • Nickel ferrules that are seamless will not rust or crack.
  • Acrylic paint does not function well with the brushes. They have a hard time keeping a line.
  • Brushes seem to be really stiff.

4. Santa Fe Art Supply Oil Paint Brushes:

  • Santa Fe paintbrush set was created to bring your work to life, if you want to bring your watercolors to life, make a captivating oil painting, play with acrylics, ink legendary superheroes, or merely occupy your leisure time with art, this is the place to be.
  • It includes a complete paintbrush set with all the sizes you’ll need as well as a portable bag, allowing you to be creative no matter where you are.
  • Brushes with big tips are available in a wide variety of sizes.
  • There are several accessories included with this set, such as a bag and a stand.
  • There’s more diversity here than in a lot of other 15-brush sets for the same price.
  • The handles are excellent and have a quality feel to them.
  • The quality of the brushes is poor for this price; there is obvious shedding
  • Cleaning the brushes is not as simple as one would want.

5. ARTIFY Professional Oil Paint Brushes:

  • Fine artist brushes are uniquely handcrafted by professional brush manufacturers with luxurious wood-tone handles and white copper protecting ferrules.
  • This collection symbolizes the natural beauty that enriches our lives and provides us with hope and motivation. 
  • It’s strong and designed specifically for oil painting.
  • The fibers are made up of a mix of hog hairs that are hand-tied and aligned so that the hairs don’t get stuck on the canvas while you’re painting.
  • Brushes of exceptional quality with pure hog bristles, specifically designed for oil painting
  • The hardwood handles have a high-end feel to them, with outstanding durability and comfort.
  • There is no visible shedding or hardening of the bristles.
  • Brushes of the highest quality that will not let you down.
  • At this price, the plastic carrying box appears to be a bargain. Brush sets for half the price come with nicer pouches.
  • They’re a little pricey for the level of quality they provide.

How to Choose the Best Oil Paint Brushes?

Brushes are made of a variety of materials and come in a number of shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of products and applications. Let’s see how to determine which one is best for you.

1. Material of the Brush

  • Brush bristles are divided into two types: natural and synthetic.
  • Natural bristles are better for oil-based paints, while synthetic bristles are best for water-based paints.
  • Natural bristles are made from animal hair, such as hog or badger, and have microscopic splits that absorb the water in the paint and become exceedingly limp and provide a smooth and delicate finish.
  • Nylon, polyester, or a combination of the two is commonly used to make synthetic bristles.
  • Oil-based alkyd paints should be applied using natural-bristle brushes, while water-based latex paints should be applied with synthetic-bristle brushes.
  • Both latex and alkyd paints can be applied with synthetic brushes.
  • Check the brush’s packaging to be sure it’s suitable with the paint you’re using.

2. Selecting a Size

  • Each brush has a unique number assigned to it which denotes the size of the brush.
  • The breadth of the bristle covered with the metal part of the brush is used to determine the brush size.
  • Consider the size of the canvas you’re working on when selecting a brush size.
  • When working on a huge canvas, a larger brush should be employed.
  • Make sure you have a 2 round brush as well as three or four additional brush shapes ranging in size from 4 to 8 when you first start out.

3. Shapes of Brush

  • Flat brushes are rectangular in shape.  When painting with oils, they’re also the most versatile brush, capable of producing both broad and narrow strokes. This brush is great for impasto, powerful, sweeping strokes, washes, and filling large regions. Fine lines, straight edges, and stripes can all be achieved with it.
  • Most of the round brushes are made of sable hair and are used for sketching, outlining, and detailing. The round brush has a little or pointed tip in a round ferrule and is a typical brush shape. The round brush can be used in a variety of ways. Their bodies are enormous, and their hair is long and tapered at the ends. This one is unlikely to be used for a complete picture. 
  • Bright brush resembles a flat brush in appearance, but the bristles are much shorter. This is the one to choose if you want your brush strokes to show. In comparison to a flat brush, the brilliant brush can lay down more paint and give you greater control over the stroke.
  • Filbert is a flattened oval-shaped brush with chiseled rounded edge hairs that are medium to long. The handle is long and the grip is solid and flat. This brush is ideal for gently blending rounded edges. Filbert brushes look like a mix of Rounds and Flats. Blending and softening edges is easy with the curved tip.

Why Long Handle Oil Paint Brushes are preferred?

  • Long-handled brushes, short handles, wood, and plastic handled brushes, are available in the market.
  • Long-handled brushes are classic one and it allows you to get a better perspective on your composition.
  • When you hold your brush at the end of a long handle, it makes a more sensitive contact with the canvas, resulting in a more lyrical painting.
  • Instead of using your brush as a writing tool, think of it as an extension of your arm and fingertips.
  • Because they’re designed for painting vertically with the brush held horizontally, long-handled brushes are great for oil paint.
  • More balance is provided by the longer handle.


  • Are you perplexed yet? Don’t be concerned. This article covered the maximum information you need to know about selecting the right brush for oil painting.
  • Purchase a few nice mid bristle brushes and a few small-to-midsize sable brushes to begin.
  • Examine how they feel and which ones work best for your painting style.
  • To begin, four to five brushes may suffice.
  • Make a concerted effort to spend more quality time with your favorite pieces of art.
  • Because nothing improves until you use it; enjoy your painting journey!
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