Best Heavy Body Acrylic Paints

Heavy Body Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints with high viscosity and expressive character are known as heavy body acrylics. These paints have a similarly rich, buttery consistency as oil paints.

Heavy Body acrylics have a thick consistency that works well for classic art techniques like painting with brushes or knives, as well as experimental, mixed media, collage, and printing. Brushstrokes and knife markings remain sharp in impasto applications.

With greater open-working time, good surface drag offers outstanding handling and blending qualities. A high pigment load results in vibrant, long-lasting colors. There are no fillers, dyes, extenders, toners, or opacifiers in heavy body acrylic paints.

Knowing which products will bring out the finest in your work may greatly benefit you as an artist when it comes to art and craft. While some prior experimenting and practice are required, there are a few fundamentals you must understand before you begin.

Best Heavy-Body Acrylic Paints:

For painters who enjoy experimenting with texture, heavy-body acrylics are essential. Even when substantially built up, they should have excellent light-fastness and exhibit no splitting. With our selections for the finest, you may achieve strong color and stunning surface effects.

  1. Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Introductory Set
  2. Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paints and Sets
  3. Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Paints and Sets
  4. Grumbacher Academy Acrylic Paints and Sets
  5. Blick Studio Acrylic Paints and Sets

  • Heavy Body paints were GOLDEN’s initial acrylic hues, and they’re noted for their creamy, soft texture.
  • The properties of the pigment are represented by each Heavy Body color formula.
  • Colors that can take a lot of pigment dry opaque and matte.
  • Because they don’t enable as much pigment loading, more reactive colors have a glossier, more transparent finish.
  • Because Heavy Body paints don’t include matting agents, the gloss of each hue will vary.
  • These colors have exceptional light-fastness and permanence.
  • There are no additives such as fillers, extenders, opacifiers, toners, or colors.
  • There are no fillers, toners, or dyes in this product.
  • This is a great way to get started with heavy body acrylics.
  • There’s no need for further layering.
  • It can be difficult to shut small tube caps

  • Liquitex paints are an excellent choice, particularly for artists who are new to heavy-body paints.
  • Basics of Liquitex Acrylic Colors were created for students and artists that need consistent quality at a low cost.
  • Each color is specially designed to bring out the specific pigment’s utmost brilliance and clarity.
  • These acrylics are produced with lightfast fine art colors and have a buttery consistency for easy mixing.
  • These acrylics are durable, water-resistant, and flexible once they’ve dried.
  • They are somewhat quite sensitive to brushstrokes and mix beautifully.
  • Paints are also easy to apply and dry with a consistent hue.
  • These aren’t the most intense and brilliant acrylics, and they dry with a little plasticky feel, but they’re a low-risk paint to play with while learning how to construct texture.
  • Pigments of outstanding grade
  • The color range is good.
  • Viscosity with a wide range of applications
  • Excellent on a variety of surfaces
  • Reduced pigment concentration
  • For adequate coverage, many coats may be required.

Winsor & Newton Galeria Heavy Body Acrylic Paints:

  • When correctly handled, Galeria Acrylic Colors cling nicely to a variety of media, including paper, canvas, leather, cloth, hardboard, wood, brick, and plaster.
  • The colors are water and weather-resistant once dry, so they’re perfect for paintings and outdoor creations.
  • Galeria Acrylics are sometimes referred painted as “student grade,” yet their high pigmentation levels provide excellent effects with far greater coverage than many like-priced products.
  • Galeria Mediums may simply change their performing qualities.
  • They may be used for a number of methods when diluted, including stencilling, collage, sponging, airbrushing, and more.
  • A well-known and well-respected brand
  • Paint that is smooth and covers well
  • Extremely adaptable
  • It can be tough to open tubes

  • The Academy range by Grumbacher is perfect for all art students as it offers almost professional quality at a regular and at a low-cost price.
  • Contrary to some “cheap” brands, Acrylics Academy by Grumbacher is manufactured with real and pure pigments, such as pure cadmium.
  • They’re thick but not stodgy, with pigment sliding on in proportion to your painting brushes’ tool.
  • The expertly developed shades produce authentic hues as well as accurate mass tones, shades, and mixes.
  • They mix without looking crazy, and they dry at a subtle, soft glow.
  • Colors are known for their solidity in lightness, consistency, opacity, and good adhesion.
  • The same rigorous standards apply to Academy Acrylics as they do to Grumbacher’s professional acrylics.
  • Colors that pop
  • There are no fillers or bulking agents in this product.
  • Can be mixed to make nearly any hue
  • Some hues have less coverage than others.

  • With this well-rounded assortment of paints, you’ll be able to complete project after project with ease.
  • This 24-color kit will satisfy the demands of any artist, whether a studio painter or a craftsman, for oneself or as a gift.
  • It’s a wonderful choice for anyone taking a painting class because it includes all of the colors that make up a conventional palette at an affordable price.
  • The paints’ smooth consistency and bright colors also make them a good choice for beginners.
  • They’re also great for crafts because they start off bright and opaque.
  • Each major color family is represented by a variety of bright, dark, warm, and cool hues, allowing for a wide range of color combinations.
  • It’s simple to blend colors and get fantastic results.
  • Consistency: rich buttery and smooth
  • Excellent for impasto
  • Combines well
  • Ability to create texture
  • The nozzle has a tendency to spray paint


  • Acrylic heavy body paints are known by many names depending on the producer.
  • There are so many varieties of qualities and variations in color to select from that it may be overwhelming.
  • High-end acrylics have a viscosity that is similar to rich, buttery oils, although entry-level or hobbyist acrylics can come close.
  • The primary disadvantage is that these paints do not have the same level of durability.
  • Still, if learning or improving your abilities is your primary objective, you can prefer our recommended supplies as a good option.
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