Best Colored Pencil Sets for Kids and Adults

Best Colored Pencil Sets for Kids and Adults

Colored Pencils are a kind of love that starts at young ages. The craze for the same is still revolving in all ages. It doesn’t require any expertise in filtering the best Colored pencil set. Yet, the top brands lay on the top of the head, it might be due to its quality or innovation in colors

We usually the colored pencils which have a maximum set of colors. Even though we may not use few colors, but our intuition prefers the set with more colors. So, here we bring the list of brands that are termed to be the best colored pencil set across the globe. Our team did research on products by using them to understand the quality and tensile of those products.

Yes, Colored Pencils are part of the paint set and painting kit which every art lover should have used to learn the basics of coloring. It is not only used for sketching, in fact, the outlines and boundaries of any art are been abstracted by pencils.

As we mentioned earlier in this article there are many color pencil sets with 48, 60, 72, up to 120 color sets. Yes, the pack with maximum colors gets more attention, it’s is bliss to see a pack with maximum colors at an affordable price.

Best Colored Pencil Sets:

  • Castle Colored Pencil Sets is a pack of 72 Colors and been one of the top-seller on the globe.
  • This variety of color collection will enrich people to understand how to use multiple colors and their mixture to produce new colors
  • These color pencils are made of soft-touching layers with blending and layered qualities.
  • The pack contains names, colors, and numbers been coded to have easy access to picking the ideal color.
  • The make is reliable with good tensile strength as they are made of Basswood.

  • Arteza Color pencils are premium as they are watercolor pencils with 72 unique colors, Break Resistant, blendable, Acid-Free, and Water-soluble.
  • All the pencils are made of 4mm Lead which is nonbreakable and used for blending, layering which helps to create a unique effect.
  • This set is made of high pigments for Vibrant Color. These pigments make your coloring to be stable for a long time and it takes time to fade away
  • The complete set is made out of a comfortable finish and handles, with non-toxic leads. It is an ideal pack for beginners, Kids, adults, and masters.
  • In addition, they provide a 100% cashback guarantee when there is any challenge in regard to their quality.

  • One of the ancient painting companies since 1761. They are well known for their quality and legacy
  • This product comes with 60 packs of 3.8mm thick lead with oil-based, water-resistant, and smudge-proof pencils.
  • Polychrome Color pencils are much preferred by professionals, experts, and masters in the art for their unsurpassed quality and color pigments. This slow downs the color to fade away
  • These pencils can be easily blended for layering, and smoothing effects.
  •  Also, the leads are SV coated and it helps in everlasting experience and simple sharpening.

  • Prisma Colored pencils come with a pack of 72 softcore colors.
  • It is made of highly saturated pigments, that help in lightfast coloring.
  • One of the pencils set is preferred by professionals for its perfect blending and shading techniques.
  • Even though, softcore pencils don’t have a huge fan base. Yet, it has an awesome user experience rate when it comes to blending.
  • The leads are breakable-resistant, waterproof, and slow to wear

  • Derwent Color Pencil sets come in 72 shades. They are well known for their vibrant shades, water-soluble nature, with permanent coloring.
  • The 4mm Lead has its own legacy of high pigmentation to create a bold painting with an appealing look and finish.
  • As these color pencils come with water-soluble, the art can be dried spontaneously. A well as can be corrected using water for making perfection in painting and to transparent them.
  • As the pigment dries rapidly, it can be easily layered without any worry over the blending of two paints.
  • The best canvas for this type of colored pencil is fabrics made of cotton or silk.
  • We advise you to try a customized coloring option by mixing two color shades. Make any vibrant color dim by mixing white color or water.

  • Magicfly Colored Pencils are designed for high durability and sharpening. The pack holds 72 colors, and the leads come with 3 mm.
  • Magicfly package is protected with Tin, as the stability of the color pencils shouldn’t be disturbed by atmosphere humidity.
  • Like few Color pencil sets, this package also holds a blueprint and numbers over every pencil to pick them by having a look at the blueprint.
  • Made of 100% toxic-free materials, Also, break-resistant provides additional benefits and long durability.
  • Magicfly color pencils are oil-based and it can be easily used by kids, beginners, and adults.
  • It can be used in wider properties like coloring books, blending, shading, sketching, layering, etc


  1. Colored Pencils are widely used from childhood to entire life who have passion overcoloring, and painting kit.
  2. Here are a few lists of the Best Colored Pencil Sets available across the globe for multiple purposes.
  3. We have listed out the packs which have a huge number of colors like 120, 80, 72, 60, etc.
  4.  It is always advised to get into the properties and usage of every pack and pick the one which suits your need.
  5. Hope this article would induced more information for beginners, kids, and adults on picking the best one.
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