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The Best Brushes for Painting with Acrylic or Oil Paint

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There are so many different paint brushes that can be used for the type of paint medium that is to be used. From using the right artist brush for the right painting finish look is very necessary. Hence choosing the best paint brush for painting is important. Here are some basics of selecting types of brushes to paint with different types of media from Acrylic, Oil or brushes for watercolor painting. 

Introduction to Painting Brushes

There are different brushes depending on the size, style, type of bristles and more. Let’s take a look at the parts of a paint brush. 

Parts of a Paint Brush

Bristle types

There are soft bristles for a smooth finish. Come in Long bristles and short too. There are natural fibre of animal hair and also synthetic bristles which both are used for different kinds of paint. We shall learn that later in this article.


This is the part that holds the handle and the hair together which is made up of mostly any metal. This can be flat pressed or sometimes round which is attached to the handle well. 


All brushes are not just made of the same brush size, even the handle can be smaller or longer depending upon the type it is. The handle is made of wooden or sometimes plastic acrylics. 

Types of Brushes for Painting

Apart from the type in style and size, they can be categorized as per the shape as well. These are used for art work which may need special kinds of painting brushes for oil painting or acrylic paint brushes. Let’s take a look at the best brushes for painting. 

Round Paint Brush

This one is shaped like a round edge, a needle-like shape when it’s in a smaller size known as a round tip brush. These ones are best used for covering or filling up color to the design or also for making marks and drawing the boundaries. The round tip shape als helps in making fine lines or for detailed work. 

Filbert Brush

This one holds a mixture of a flat and round curve edged shape of the bristles. The marks produced by this art brush is versatile. When used on its edge side it makes thinner lines and when used flat and broad it makes for filling or for washes as well. Many artists like to use the filbert shape which works as the best size to invest in all sizes for artists. 

Flat Brush 

The flat paint brush has the rectangular shape of the hair, and can be short or longer too. When you need to create a blending effect or something that needs a finished edging mark, these ones can be used. There is also a flat angular brush which is taller on one side and short on another creating a diagonal angle shape. They also hold a lot of hue for painting larger spaces, they are an ideal choice. 

Fan Brush

The fan shape paint brush is a thin layer of hair and is spread like a fan shape with the ferrule. They are used to blend or to create some textured patterns or strokes as the fan brush painting. They come in small and bigger sizes and can be used for detail work too. 

Painting Brush Size

Apart from the shapes, there are sizes that also differentiates them. The sizes start from the smallest 000 which is the size number given. You need to choose a good paint brush set in all sizes for easy assistance for beginners. 

Painting brush small sizes are best for detailed work and fine lines or adding finishing touches in a tip shape or round shape. 

Medium sizes work great for almost any kind of artwork. They are the most versatile and can be used for any kind of style of painting. If you find it difficult to choose the right paint brush size, why not buy a painting set which includes a number of paint brushes ideal for learning. 

Large paint brushes are great for creating washed effect or for filling up large paintings with hue. They are normally available in big flat shapes or as a big filbert brush. Widely used for painting walls or sculptures and such articles. 

Best Paint brush sets for Acrylic or Oil paint

As mentioned above the styles, shapes of brushes define their feature, but also there are certain things to note when selecting one for Acrylic paint and Oil colors. 

Best Acrylic Paint Brushes

When choosing acrylic brushes, they need to have stiff bristles and synthetic ones are preferred as the natural hair brush will not hold heavy paint like acrylic paints which are creamy. So the best brushes for acrylic paint need to have stiff hair and the shapes from flat, filbert or round brush for painting is good. 

Best Oil Paint Brushes

Oil brushes for painting can be used in both soft bristles or stiff ones. Sables create a soft smooth paint mark, while the stiff ones create drag lines which may be needed for painting some kinds or art work. 

Brushes for Watercolor Painting

Any kinds of brushes can be used for watercolors, but soft bristles can also work well when the paint is in its fluid consistency. Any shape from a Mop paint brush, fan shape, round tip or flat and filbert shape can be a part of your watercolor brush set. 

Buy Paint Brush Sets or a Paint Kit

As there are so many types of necessary brushes to get for painting, it is better suggested to buy some kind of a paint brush set which has all the main brush shapes with different sizes which is small and medium. Unless you need a special kind in a special size, you can buy it separately too. 

Same way buying acrylic paint brush sets is better than gathering the ones which have appropriate bristles made from and style and shape. You can buy a painting kit with paint brushes, canvas sets, acrylic paints, Easel and more basics altogether in one set kit. Go for Knronictron paint kit with brushes for acrylics also added apart from the basic supplies. 

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How to Clean Painting Brushes

Whether you are cleaning the wet paint from handles or old ones which have dry paint on it, you will need some warm water, soap and a thinner for some kinds of paints. 

  1. Wipe them off immediately as you are done painting with a napkin or cloth. Try to remove the paint well.
  2. Keep them in a jar or glass of warm water and soap. Let them sit in for at least 15-20 mins. Rub them gently without damaging the hairs. 
  3. If you need to clean oil paint brushes, then use a thinner, rub it on with a cloth of cotton wool and let it sit for a few mins and keep wiping away.
  4. Keep them in a dry place once done cleaning paint brushes.

Caring for Paint brush

  • Just remember to store them in a dry place so the metal ferrule doesn’t rust or the wood handle doesn’t start to wear off. 
  • Cleaning old brushes with paint all over it, use a semi sharp object like a knife to gently scrape the dry hue off before you start cleaning them with the steps mentioned above. 
  • Store them upright side where the hair face the top and don’t sit at the bottom of the container which would bend them. 

In this article now you know how to choose the best brushes for painting with acrylic, oils or even watercolors. You can also learn more about beginning to paint with acrylics on our article. 

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