5 Best Art Products Every Artist Must Try

Best Art Products Every Artist Must Try

We have tried a lot of various types of art supplies over the years and have narrowed it down to a handful that we keep going back to. Here in this article, we rounded up the best art products that every artist can just give a try. This should get you started if you want to stock your art supplies cabinet.  If you already have a lot of art tools, perhaps this list can inspire you to attempt something new.

There are a few art supplies you’ll need to get started if you’re getting ready to set up your own studio. Whether you want to produce new artwork with your best pencils or simply improve your painting methods, these products will serve you well.

Brusto Palette Knifes

The handles of the special effects palette of Brustro artists are ergonomically built to provide further comfort and gripping for each application. Professional artists, creative enthusiasts, art students, and art teachers will all benefit from this set. 

This complete set of 5 knives gives the correct balance of durability and flexible spring to enable any technique of painting such as gesso, acrylic paint, paste, and texture gels to be modeled. The artist’s hands are kept off the painting surface by the bend in the handles.


  • Stainless steel blade resisting wear and corrosion 
  • Every application benefits from the ergonomically built hardwood handle, which increases comfort and grip
  • These knives are also great for applying dense paint layers
  • These knives can be used to apply paints and colors straight on the canvas
  • It’s great for a variety of painting styles
Uni-Posca Paint Marker Pen

POSCA paint markers are a wonderful multi-surface, creative pen, which is why they are such a good deal; Posca pens are ideal for painting and sketching because they allow you to manage rich, opaque water-based application paint in fine or wide strokes. The markers are actual paint that dries permanently and may be used in a variety of ways. 

They are available in a range of nib sizes and shapes, ranging from 0.7mm Pin (the smallest) to 15mm Extra Broad (the largest) (the widest). The rest of the line is made up of bullet and brush tips that come in up to 33 distinct colors.


  • You may use a brush or sponge to blend your POSCA while it’s still wet or combine it with another POSCA
  • Water-based pigment ink in the paint marker is lightfast
  • Water-resistant, and 
  • Write on nearly any surface
  • Permanent and bleed-proof 
Montana Black Paint Kit

Montana BLACK is the best can in its category. The formula’s Nitro-Combination foundation guarantees excellent coverage, a matte finish, and superb control and handling. The quick-drying period enables instant reapplication and overlaying with other colors. 

Aerosol paint has no fragrance that meets the highest quality, health, and environmental requirements. Montana BLACK spray paint is well-known for its high quality and consistency. This collection has a wide range of vibrant, high-coverage colors that may be used on any surface or in any scenario.

This set of spray paints is a go-to for graffiti professionals and is used by muralists and street artists alike. Montana BLACK’s high-pressure valve enables quick application. 


  • Weather- and winter-resistant
  • It’s an ideal tool for graffiti and street artists.
  • A wonderful idea for hyper broad line work and modern urban calligraphy
  • Application is simple and precise
  • Colors are accurate
  • For optimum coverage, use a thick layer
  • The best starter Paint kit on the market

With this collection of 48 Sketch TwiMarkers with dual tips, you can create amazing color artwork. This TwiMarkers set of 48 includes 48 dual-tipped markers that are highly pigmented and long-lasting to make creating simple and enjoyable. 

Creating, coloring, sketching, and writing will be something you look forward to with so many colors to choose from. Use the 0.4mm tip to create precise details, or turn the marker over to use the brush tip to create broader lines. For heavier detailing and brush strokes, the flexible brush tip is ideal. For your convenience, each pen is neatly labeled with its color name and number.


  • Each Arteza Sketch TwiMarker comes with a blendable, water-based ink that allows you to create limitless color combinations 
  • Multi-purpose writing tool ideal for calligraphy, hand lettering, doodling, taking notes, and coloring. Calligraphy, hand lettering, sketching, note-taking, and more may all be done with this versatile instrument.
  • These dual-tip markers are lightweight and portable, making them great for creating on the move.
  • Compact and portable design and packaging

Paul Rubens Glitter Watercolors are a lovely high-quality paint (just like regular watercolors), and the high-end packaging and reusable palette make it a lovely present or a craft room favorite if you want to add shimmer to a variety of projects. You can start making colorful masterpieces right away with the 24 distinct hues.

It provides a unique glitter effect when pre-mixed with an IRIDESCENT medium, perfect for shimmer and highlighting. These paints, along with gum arabic and OX grall, contain very fine and pure pigment. They are highly transparent, diffusive, light quick, and saturated and are perfect for blending and mixing.


  • Beautiful opaque hues; each color is distinct from the others, and they show up well on black and white cardstock
  • The package is luxurious and appealing 
  • The paints rewet quickly and apply smoothly and consistently
  • The metallics have an impenetrable sheen, and the glitter colors sparkle wonderfully; there is a good range of both
  • Colors are organized in a palette so you can see them all at once

There are lots of other fantastic art materials to add to your budding artist’s collection, but these are the “must-try” in my view if you want to give a well-rounded experience with various art mediums. Also, we are sharing valuable content on different aspects to pick the ideal products for an artist and art lower like,

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