Best Art Activities for Kids – Drawing, Painting, Craft, Coloring

art activities for kids

Art activities for kids are one of the preferred hobbies by parents. It’s a great idea to let kids develop their own love for artwork and have fun while they are involved in this task. There are tons of arts and crafts for kids to do around at your home, from painting, coloring, making things out of waste and so much more.

What is Art Fun

Well the art is fun is a phrase that explains the feeling of a person working on something made out of their own will, imaginary at times, and he\she may feel good about it. It is a form of expressing inner belief while creating something they want to on their own. 

For kids, art is fun as it engages them into some kind of happy playful and colorful activity, again something that explains what their own brain is thinking about while doing any kind of art or craft. 

For some art is a profession, and they make sure they take out their best imaginary depiction of a canvas or surface they are working on. Painting the Mona Lisa Lips took Da Vinci almost 12 years, so that’s the kind of perfection in art for professions, although they enjoy their work and so do we as the viewers.

Types of Art Activities for Kids:

As mentioned above, any kind of creative work that gives an adult or kids pleasure while making it, is known to be art which is indeed fun. There are some basic art activities that are meant for kids or adults. Let’s take a look at them:

Drawing Activity

There are so many forms of drawing, from using charcoal and making sketches to using a pencil or colors for drawing. This is something kids enjoy as artwork and love to draw their imagination out on a piece of paper too. Adults would love to draw sketches of people or places while some would have an interest in making drawings of houses or fashion. Drawing ideas for kids or for adults can be a profession that is well known today. 


One of the favorites art activities for kids is painting. This is a form of using color media in paint that gives color to a basic drawing or sketch. There are so many painting artists known for their classy work and have grown today as legends of art. From learning painting for beginners or painting for kids, this is one of the most known and loved art activities for all. 

From using acrylic colors for kids or painting using oil paints, we have a basic guide to types of art paint colors to help you understand the mediums. Types of Painting Colors a Guide for Beginners

Coloring Activity

Coloring comes as the subsequent art activities for kids after painting. Children find coloring very exciting, it is a form of art that children would love to give colors as per their own creative minds.

Coloring for kids with crayons or pencil colors can be a great way to start up with artwork. Find coloring drawings or coloring using paints in various ways, you will learn more about this in the article. 

Abstract art

abstract art

There is no specific definition for abstract art, it is any form of design that’s created unintentionally but appears pleasing to the eye, it has no shape. It can be done as paintings, drawings or made with material things or even a structure. This is also a profession of many artists you love making abstract art. Murals can also be named abstract forms, when they are created out of no shape but are painted on the walls.  

Tie Dye Art

This is a fun craft for adults and kids too. Making your own kind of dyed apparel or accessories is fun with tie dye effects. Children would love to make their own tie dye shirts or even tie and dye their bags, socks, hairband, apron and many more clothes. There are so many tie dye designs that can be made using techniques, See How to Tie Dye Clothing in Different Techniques

Craft Work

best from waste

Just like the tie-dye art, there are so many fun activities that are a fun craft for adults or kids. From using strings, wood, pins, boards, papers, etc, you can create wonderful artwork for your decor or home. Make Stocking flowers, or make Wall hanging art from paint and canvas. There are a ton of different art craft ways to get yourselves indulged in art with DIY techniques. 

Craft and Art Activities for Kids:

After all the basics of types of art that you can do, here are some extras on art for kids to enjoy themselves and is easy art for them.

String painting for children

how to do string art

There are many painting ideas for kids to enjoy painting, and painting with strings is a fun way they can get started with using paints. Get some strings and cut them into longer pieces for them to be dipped in the color, later allow your children to apply them on paper and pull this apart slowly to make patterns, watercolor string painting is a great form of art for kids. 

Marbling Paint Technique

how to do color marbling

Another easy way of painting for kids is marbling, easy by just adding paint in a tray with water and oil. The paint stays on top and you can get all different hues to create the a marble effect. Then by placing a paper over, let it sit for a few seconds before you pick it up and the paint is transferred to your paper. Using two three colors to crate that mixed marble effect. 

Paper Craft for Kids

papaer craft ideas

There are so many different crafts for kids, but paper craft for kids is what any child would love to work on. Since children can find papers easily and paper scissors are safe to use to cut out and make craft. Paper weaving from two different color stripes, weave across with folds to make weave patterns. Paper mache is one paper art all kids love doing, from getting all messy to create shapes and articles from them is a favourite choice. 

Art Project from Waste Material

This is another craft that kids can get creative with by making their own articles from waste like cereal boxes craft. Use old boxes or wrappers of wafers and chocolates to create crafts like book holders, bangle holders, Make masks and Halloween costumes, and lots more. You can get all creative by making things from waste articles from your kitchen or even old pieces of cloth. 

Color Resist Art

color resist art work

The art involves resistance like tape, wax colors, or glue, which can be used before coloring the paper. This creates the reverse effect of colors and kids can enjoy doing with either of the resist material and different color mediums from paint, wax crayons, or even acrylics. 

Finger Painting

types of painting for kids

As children, we all did this type of painting with our fingers. Easy and fun to use paint with fingers and thumbs to create artwork.

These art activities for kids give them different hues and a concept to start with finger painting, also use pen or pencil to draw out contours or eyes and nose or details to add more fun to the art.

These were some easy kids craft ideas to work on, or as adults, you can also love art and take this as hobbies. Being creative also keeps kids happier and gives children an extra boost to their growing brains. 

It’s a good idea to invest in some good art activities for kids to keep them engaged in learning something. Buying sets and kits are recommended rather than buying supplies separately. Go for coloring books or paint by numbers for children. These also come in sets like Acrylic painting kits for kids, or buy tie dye kits with Tote Bag for children

Anything that includes DIY and art will give children pleasure as they work on it. It also means that now you can keep and save some of your cereal boxes for your children’s craft activities. 

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