5 Difference Between Acrylic vs Oil Paint

Acrylic vs Oil Paint


“90% of human experience is filtered through the eyes; we understand that the choice in paint is critical.”

What is the Difference between Acrylic vs Oil Paint?

There is a lot to take in mind while starting your artwork but once you came to know which paint suits the best for your style, Acrylic Paint Set or Oil Paint Set, you can easily get on and start creating amazing masterpieces!

 Acrylic Paint Set vs Oil Paint Set

Acrylic Paint:

  • The paint which provides the most creative opportunities is Acrylic paints with no doubt it offers more fun and interesting things without any limitations for artists.
  • Acrylic Paint Set can look and feel like watercolors because of its thinner consistency.
  • It is also available in fluorescent colors and can be used as a base for later drawn-on artwork.
  • It can also be combined with sand, rice, or other materials to make distinctive textures.
  • It is easy to adapt for the consistency of paints and absorbency surface of acrylics.
  • Acrylics serve as a great medium for beginners, kids, and even professionals.
  • Because while Paint Set, it starts a medium that stays fresh for a few minutes to allow some color blending (mix), and easily dried up in less time than oil paints.

Oil Paint:

  • The world’s famous Paint Sets in art history like “Mona Lisa”, “The Starry Night” are oil Paint Sets.
  • For an experimental artist, oil paints will be perfect which allows you to play with colors, textures, and different methods of abstraction.
  • But Oil paints are the thickest paint it takes a long time to dry. It cannot be cleaned up easily.
  • In most cases of Paint Set, if we don’t like the color we applied or if you want to make any changes.
  • You can simply wipe it off and begin the layer again without damaging the layers.
  • But in oil Paint Sets, it is not possible to do so.


Reasons Why You Should Try Acrylic vs Oil Paint:


There are various types of painting in the world of art; each has a distinctive character and special areas of expertise. Experts use acrylic or oil paint as their preferred painting medium, and here is why you will understand the 5 different reasons between acrylic vs oil paint.

Depending on what you are planning to create and the additional tools you plan to use, it’s essential to understand the function, characteristics, and other details of the paint you work with.

There are multiple choices to consider before choosing your medium are acrylics, oils, watercolors, pastels, colored pencils, ink, etc. Due to the untamed nature of water, it is more difficult to pick up it.

So here just know the differences between acrylic vs oil paint and Let us discuss the reasons why you should try acrylic Paint instead of oils.

  1. Adaptable consistency and unique texture
  2. Paint anywhere with Acrylics
  3. Quick-dry and easy color blending
  4. Clean up and toxicity
  5. Overall Look and Finish


Adaptable consistency and unique texture:

  • Acrylic Paints are more beginners friendly and are not a high-maintenance medium, as it is easy to use, does not require more materials like oil paint, and is much less interfering with the senses compared to oils.
  • The other thing to consider as a major significant aspect of acrylics is how flexible they are.
  • If you include a medium for thinning or thickening your material, acrylics can take on the superiority of other paints.
  • For instance, if you add an acrylic delayer with your paint, it will slow down the drying time so that it acts more like an oil-based paint.
  • Similarly, you can also add mediums to make your acrylics crackle, shimmer, or dry even faster.
  • Oil paints can be extremely difficult to handle as a beginner painter; whereas acrylics can suit everyone from kids to professionals.

Acrylic Pros: Acrylics are flexible.

Oil Pros: Long drying times and No immediate color shift.


Paint anywhere with Acrylics:

  • Oil paints require a ventilated area whereas with Acrylics you can paint anywhere anytime.
  • There are more hazardous health concerns, found on oil-based paints.
  • You cannot use those if there’s no ventilation, because the solvents fill the air with fumes that will disturb you and others to breathe and even harm your health.
  • Oil Paint Set tends to be a bit expensive than acrylic paint due to the need for supplementary materials required, including solvents, mediums, brushes, rags, gesso, canvas or board, and a ventilated space.
  • Acrylic Painting needs just four simple tools like Paint itself, a brush, a cup of water, and a surface to get started with.


Acrylic Pros: You can paint on anything.

Oil Cons: Preparation is the key


Quick-dry and easy color blending:

  • Acrylic Paint Sets generally serve the best for speedy painters, because they dry extremely fast and they blend colors much faster.
  • Since we spend more time mixing acrylic paint to get the perfect shade, it is noteworthy to understand drying time.
  • This makes these paints a sort of grab-and-go paint; multi-purpose, and multi-use. Graphic-oriented painters usually prefer acrylic Paint Set as they are best for crisp edges.
  • Acrylic painting can be useful for a sharp edge and typically takes about 20 to 30 minutes to dry; oil paints are about the flow and take more time to dry.

Acrylic Pros: A Crisp edge

Oil Cons: Crisp edge without affecting the underlying colors is difficult


Clean up and toxicity:

  • You will make a mess with oil paints which are much harder, strong, and difficult to clean and control than acrylic paints; and there are specially designed chemicals to clean oil paints.
  • Oil paint sets and solvents can rapidly weaken your paintbrushes if they are not properly maintained.
  • On the other hand Acrylic Paint Set generally requires some water to completely clean your paintbrushes and materials nothing more than this is required.
  • If you are thinking to start your Paint Set for the first and you have no idea or preference either way and then go with acrylics first without any oscillation or second option.
  • Once you have taken hold of the fundamentals of acrylics and then move on to oil paints.

Acrylic Pros: Great alternative to oils if you’re working in a confined space.

Oil Cons: The smell of turpentine


Overall Look and Finish:

  • Both acrylic Paint Set and oil Paint Set will last for a long period. As acrylic Paint Set is still new, it is believed that they stay longer over time; because artists consider oil Paint Set, subtle fade away as time passes.
  • Oils contain more pigment than acrylic Paint Sets; colors in oil Paint Sets do tend to change yellow over time.
  • On the other hand Acrylic Paint Sets usually look more matte and flat when compared to oil Paint Sets and the Colors also tend to darken during the drying phase.
  • Once the drying process in acrylic Paint Set is completed they don’t change after that as long as they are kept in an optimum environment.

Acrylic Pros: Remains constant color

Oil Cons: Change yellow as the year passes



  • If you’re working in a detained space then Acrylic Paint Set can be the greatest alternative to oils.
  • If it comes to kids as an artist, they may concern more about the toxicity of the paints; acrylics might be the choice for you.
  • We would encourage you to experiment with both acrylic Paint Set and oil Paint Set to discover something innovative and new in the oil vs acrylic Paint Set contrast.
  • Try to bring your best artwork to the next level and make your skills grow up.
  • What is your preferred Paint Set medium, acrylic Paint Set, or oil paint set? Let us know in the comments below.


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